Forced Out by Stephen Frey

To quote the old Cubs song:  ". . .Let's go.  Batter up.  We're taking the afternoon off. . ."  It truly was a beautiful day, but not for a ballgame.  It was the perfect day to read a book.  Rainy outside.  Achy bones.  Warm bed.  Good, AHML New Book fiction.  This story has a little of everything.  A minor-league-baseball-player-superstar hiding out in Florida, playing for a lowly team, and buying time till a New York mob hit-man puts two behind his ear.  A former New York Yankees' head scout, with 34 years experience and 4 World Series rings, who is bagging groceries for $10 an hour at the local Publix.  His beautiful naive 33 year old daughter who is hopelessly in love and with a guy who likes his loving rough and hasn't even told her his real name.  A young, intelligent black man who is wise beyond his years, who speaks his mind and is the oldest of 7, trying to support his single-mom and still dream of one day owning a pro ball team.  A notorious mob contract killer who still carries the torch for his childhood sweetheart who died 11 years ago.  This book wasn't a clear home run, but was a sound extra base hit.