First Daughter

Eric Van Lustbader
The main character, Jack McClure, has dyslexia and works for the ATF.  He can conquer a Rubik's Cube puzzle in under 4 minutes, but has a hard time reading road signs.   He is mourning the recent, tragic loss of his 20 year old daughter, Emma, which has led to a dissolved marriage.  His daughter's best friend and college roommate, Alli Carson, is the daughter of the President-Elect of the United States; who is soon to take office.  The current POTUS (President of the United States) wants to end his 8-year term with a blast.  He has targeted a religious organization that is not religious enough to his liking and commissions a deep undercover operative to carryout an attack on America, set for Inauguration Day.  Like most mystery-thrillers that target our government, there are a lot of plot twists and several characters who the reader and hero cannot trust.  To thicken the plot there are some 25-year old murder cases that somehow connect to the present day kidnapping of the soon-to-be First Daughter, Alli.  In order to rescue the girl, save America and win back his wife, McClure must use his unique 3-dimensional way of thinking to to rue the day!  I use to read everything that Van Lustbader wrote, but strayed away when he started co-authoring the Bourne novels with Robert Ludlam.  This novel has brought me back into the fold.