Andrew Grant
Andrew Grant is the younger brother of Lee Child.  This is his first novel.  Reviewers say that his main character, David Trevellyan, is a cross between Jack Reacher and James Bond.  I disagree.   The only similarities between Trevellyan and these characters is that he is tall, dangerous and a commander in the Royal Navy, ie. an English spy, with the license to kill.   This is a good 1st novel.  Grant has an easy-going writing style.  His words flow.  He starts each chapter with a lesson learned in the past, which is then applied to that chapter.  I applaud the fact that Grant found his own publisher and editors without having to drop his successful brother's name.  The plot is a little thick.  There are a lot of characters, but they are not confusing.  What is confusing is where this story begins and when it ends.  The setup is very slow and the results are left open for the hopeful sequel.  Trevellyan is in NYC having just completed a job for Queen and Country.  He cannot walk by a body that he spots dumped in an alley.  His brief investigation gets him arrested for murder.  Trevellyan is a wise-arse who, if he wasn't so deadly, would be slapped around daily by offended strangers.  He is a loner, but a man of his word.  Like most fictional heroes, he lives and will die by an inner code that is not always transparent.  In the book, he fancies a female friend, but their relationship never develops.  There are two major villains that he must battle:  Taylor, who runs a supposed security business in Iraq and Lindsey, who likes to keep certain anatomical parts of her failed employees in a jar full of formaldehyde as a reminder that she doesn't like to be let down.  I confess I got duped.  When I thought there were several pages left to read, they turned out to be all blank pages.  I will be awaiting the sequel.
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