The Dove of Death

Peter Tremayne
A.D. 670 - Off the Coast of Brittany: Pirates!  Fidelma of Cashel is voyaging home to Ireland when their Irish merchant ship is attacked by pirates!  Even though their ship surrenders, Murchad, the captain, and an Irish prince named Bressal are ruthlessly murdered.  Fidelma survives- but, as an advocate in the Brehon courts of law, she is steeled to bring justice down upon the murderers.  The one thing she has to go on is the symbol of the dove prominent on the attacking ship's sails.  And her pursuit leads her to face a man known as 'The Dove of Death'.
Peter Tremayne's long string of Sister Fidelma mysteries began with Absolution by Murder and Shroud for the Archbishop.  Ireland, long ago- fresh, distant!

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