Death and Honor

W.E.B. Griffin
Author W.E.B. Griffin is a knowledgeable historian and master of character development. He has written over 40 novels divided into 6 different series of books primarily dealing with World War II and all of the armed forces' branches. His books are always very comprehensive and show great detail toward the time period. Loyal fans of his have been waiting nearly 10 years for this installment. I was worried that I would have to reread his last previously written book in this series in order to remember the plot and characters; however, I should have remembered that all of Griffin's characters are so memorable, that I just fell right into this next chapter in their lives. Griffin's characters are generally fictitious, based on real people. His plots are always based on historic facts written as nonfiction prose. The Honor Bound series of books deal with U.S.A. Marine aviator, Capt. Frade, and hi selection by "Will Bill" Donovan into the OSS (prelude to the C.I.A.) Frade was born in Argentina and because of political connections in that country is posted there around 1942 to spy. His "Uncle Tio"is the legendary Col. Juan Peron (who later went on to become the leader of Argentina) who is a Nazi sympathizer. The major plot line in this book is the seldom talked about extortion scheme the Nazis developed late in the war that released Jewish prisoners held in concentration camps in exchange for gold. The riches collected were then transported to Argentina, in secret, by submarine; to be stashed for use by high-ranking Nazi officials after they lost the war.
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