Dali and I

Stan Lauryssens
Stan Lauryssens started his career by writing phony celebrity interviews, and since he had concocted a few very convincing interviews with Salvador Dali people assumed he actually knew the artist. It wasn't long before Lauryssens began selling bogus Dalis to shady investors who needed to launder money. Dali and I is a fun and fascinating story of a world where nothing can be certain and everyone is trying to swindle someone else. The author paints Dali as a sadistic, money-hungry puppetmaster who exploits everyone even remotely involved with him for profit and amusement. This book explains the details of the Dali frauds and provides a healthy dose of juicy celebrity gossip. After doing time in a Spanish prison for forgery and fraud Lauryssens began writing crime fiction. This non-fiction book is as fast-paced and exciting as most mystery novels.