California Girl

T. Jefferson Parker
The story of the Becker and Vonn families set in Orange County starting in the mid 50's and culminating in 1968. The four Becker son's Nick the cop, Andy the reporter, David the Minister and Clay the star who is killed in Vietnam in 1966, the Vonn's a poor family from Oklahoma with two violent and surly boy's and two ptretty girl's ,the two families lives entertwine throughout this novel in violent and loving ways, including murder. The plot is multi layered and revolves around the murder of young Janelle Vonn,through the eyes of Andy Becker we meet Nixon, Leary, and Charlie Manson as he lives through 1968 in Southern California while trying to solve Janelle's mrder. I enjoyed the writing and intricate plot and the author's description of 60's CaLifornia was spot on.