The Broken Window

Jeffrey Deaver
Warning!  After reading this book you might never use a charge/debit card again.  Identity theft is quite the topic these days.  Deaver's latest book in his Lincoln Rhyme series is about this subject, only on a grand scale.  When we think of identity theft, we tend to internalize.  What if this happens to me?  Deaver takes this to the next level.  Picture about 400,000,000 Americans; each having a 500-page dossier that contains all of their personal/professional/private information, and all this info is stored on a super-computer.  This privately owned and managed computer system is not subject to federal laws and/or guidelines.  To confuse things further, most federal and state government agencies including police forces, rely on the data this company supplies.  The founder and owner of the company's motto:  "Information is power".  Deaver's plot is diabolical.  A serial-killer has found a way to commit murder and have all the evidence point toward an innocent bystander of his preconceived choice.  The killer cannot only plant evidence but manipulate the investigations and investigators.  As usual, Deaver has many characters for his reader's to choose from that might be the killer.  I guessed wrong and was not pleased.  Author's note:  The non-fiction book that Deaver got a lot of ideas from is No Place to Hide by Robert O'Harrow, Jr., which is in our collection (303.4833/O'HARROW,R).