The Bones of Avalon

Phil Rickman
Mortlake District, London -- February, 1560:  Young queen Elizabeth I is still vulnerable in the first year of her reign when her birthright is dragged into question.  She sends for Dr. John Dee, a man of learning; skilled in mathematics, philosophy... and astrology with the hidden arts .  Religious riptides run everywhere: Henry VIII, Edward VI, Queen Anne, and now Elizabeth have shattered the Church into factions on every side. So Dee is in danger himself, known for understanding the arcana. Elizabeth can only be secure with the discovery of hidden relics, and Dee begins the hunt.  Then an abbot dies and danger escalates-
Phil Rickman has authored the present-day mysteries of Merrily Watkins and many horror/thrillers.  This looks like an interesting new shoot.
Diana Gabaldon (The Outlander) and Ariana Franklin (Mistress of the Art of Death) were caught up by this tale.  High praise.

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