By Blood We Live

John Joseph Adams (editor)
If you are into the current vampire-fiction-frenzy and demand well-written books instead of ones that appear to have been published without editing, this is the book to read.  There are over 30 authors contributing short stories that are each unique to the genre.  Renown authors such as Eric Van Lustbader, Ann Rice, Stephen King, and even King's son, Joe Hill, contribute.  There is a humorous tale starring Bela Lugosi, who, while in a morphine-induced state, meets Vlad the Impaler, who is in an equally opium-induced state that is quite creative.  There is a sort of Great Gatsby sequel with some character tweaks.  There even is an Old West tale.  I enjoy searching for new ideas on old themes.   This collection spins an assortment of short stories that each distances itself from the next.  No two tales are similar.  It also has a comprehensive  guide at the end of the book listing additional author recommendations.