Kelley Armstrong
There's the never-ending battle for truth, justice and search for a good vampire/werewolf story. 
This one is written from the non-hereditary, female werewolf point of view. This book backs the theory that there are three types of werewolves:  The Hereditaries, who are born from righteous bloodlines and live in packs; the Mutts, who are outcasts of the packs; and the Bitten, humans who were attacked by a werewolf and converted.  This category can be the most vicious. 
As the story goes, the only werewolves worth keeping at birth are the males.  They are then raised by their brothers in the pack.  It is in the pack that they learn how to survive in society.  They can be lawyers, bankers, or any profession they choose.  They are taught how to hunt and change shape at will.  They can be destroyed just like any other human.  Silver-bullet-shooters need not apply.  The storyline is simple.  The bitten, Elena, has left her pack to try to make in on her own in Toronto.  The pack calls her back to NY when it is put in crisis.  Some mutts have join forces and are out to destroy her loved ones. 
There is an interesting love-hate relationship between Elena and Clay, the pack werewolf that converted her.  Will Elena join forces with her brethren, defeat the mutt-attack and choose to remain with her own kind or after her mission is completed, go back to Toronto and a human boyfriend that she can never marry or have his children?