Robert B. Parker
I haven't read a good western in a while.This Parker novel has a nice even pace to it.& There is a town called Appaloosa that is sorely in need of some marshalling. The town council hires a tandem of pros who specialize in bringing law and order to small towns. Virgil Cole is the renowned gunfighter/lawman and his partner is Everett Hitch. Together they are a formidable force even though they are polar opposites in education, breeding and philosophies. Their MO is simple. They get hired by a town and force the town council to agree to a bunch of new town rules that they post. Number one rule is "No guns allowed to be worn inside town limits." Bragg is the town villain and the reason the duo was contracted. Needless to say Bragg and rules do not go well together. Throw in a new pretty piano player fresh off the stage who gravitates to Alpha males and this is the basic plot. Outside of the town limits there is a herd of wild mustangs that are led by a very dominant Appaloosa. The similarities between Virgil Cole and this Appaloosa are the basis to this book. The film adaptation was made recently; directed by and starring& Ed Harris. Usually film adaptations are not anywhere near as good as the book, but this one was almost page-for-page.

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