The Albuquerque Turkey

John Vorhaus
Join Radar Hoverlander and his girlfriend Allie Quinn as they start their normal life in Santa Fe after a life as con artists. Radar and Allie along with their hapless friend Vic Mirplo try to begin a quiet life in Santa Fe after their last con net them over a million dollars. The idea of retiring from conning is easier than it sounds, when Radar is stalked by a large woman who turns out to be his Father a legendary grifter who was never there for him but now needs his help. Radar and Allie and Vic head to Las Vega s to save dear old Dad and the scams begin. A funny and wild ride, I think fans of "Carl Hiaasen", "Tim Dorsey" and "Elmore Leonard" would enjoy this book, I would read his first book "California Roll' first as this is a sequel.

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