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Posted by cclapper on 06/06/11
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Elderberry, Georgia -- November, 1942: Wilson 'Christmas' Malone failed to fulfill his custodial duties... which people rather understood, when they found him dead in a broom closet.  Poor fellow- apparent heart attack.  Then Miss Dimple Kilpatrick, first grade teacher forever, simply... vanishes.  Aren't things stressful enough?  There's a war on, you know!   Schoolmistress Charlie Carr and her stalwart friend Annie Gardner decide to get to the bottom of all this- in spite of romantic difficulties, the fact that so many things have to be rationed... and all the other everyday war-time hometown life entanglements.
Sometimes you feel like Cormack McCarthy's The Road...
...sometimes you don't. 
Mignon F. Ballard has those lighter moments covered.  Looks like a World War II cozy, set in the small-town South.  With a real feel for the tensions, culture and attitudes of those small-town folks caught up in a World War.  Might appeal particularly to the ladies, but also, I think, to anyone interested in experiencing life during that great conflict.  Air raid sirens, Glenn Miller, and records on the Victrola.  Would a large jar of peach sweet tea go well with this?  I may just resolve to find out.
Have you partaken of Ms Ballard's works?  What did you think?  Let us all know- we really want to hear!