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Posted by Ultra Violet on 01/18/11
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The life story of a character told through the remembrances of five significant relationships of her life. Beautifully written, Elegies for the Brokenhearted is a tender journey through the intricacies of human interaction.

Posted by cclapper on 03/24/11
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India -- Late 1800's: A girl is born into the Nachimanda family- the first girl born into that family in more than 60 years.  Adored by her family and headstrong, Devi befriends shy Devanna and they grow up so linked, it seems inevitable that they will wed.  Then Devi encounters Machu, Devanna's cousin and a successful tiger hunter.  Things happen.  Fates are changing.
Different culture, different territory.  Lush mountains, jungles and coffee plantations;Southern India-  the landscapes of Coorg.  Sounds like a rich tour through lives and lands very different from our own.  A sweepingly broad window looking out onto another world, another time, another society.