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Posted by cclapper on 04/10/11
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Arizona Territory -- 1880: Three unsavory bounty hunters, a missing man, and U.S. Marshal Piedmont Kelly heading into- something... no telling what.  Backed up by his old friend Spotted Dog, a Chiricahua Apache and expert tracker, they ride toward danger, big money and the struggle for control of the Gilded Lily mine. 
Blood On The Rimrock is  Phil Dunlap's, too.  Boots, leather and a silver star.  Important time in our history.

Posted by cclapper on 05/04/11
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Post-Civil War -- A place called Quiet Valley: What if you had fought your way through the death and destruction of terrible battles, survived, exhausted in soul, and returned to Quiet Valley, longing for your friends, home and family?  Only- something has happened.  What you are aiming for has been destroyed.  How would you feel?
Things are going to change.
Jeff R. Spalsbury is just beginning his Western writing career, but he has been traveling the Southwest, accumulating notes, places and characters for his coming stories.  He has a great respect for the settlers who risked their lives and ventured into unknown regions.  Sounds like a great core for a worthy western tale. 

Posted by cclapper on 07/26/11
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The Old West -- in the wild days:  Outlaws are using a cannon from the Napoleonic Wars to waylay trains- and then to blast a town.  One of the railroad owners (and his seductive wife) want Conrad Morgan, hired gun known as "The Loner" to exterminate these renegades.  But to do that, Morgan needs to become one of them... and when he does, he discovers evil lives on every side of this war.  Morgan stands for good- what path must he ride?
The Loner is a brand new series from J. A. Johnstone.  With very bad things happening, one man tries to bring things right, if he can.  Conrad Morgan looks to be pretty capable.

Posted by cclapper on 03/09/11
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1878 - Wyoming: Dirk Skye struggles as a teacher on the Wind River Reservation for the Shoshone people.  He is the mixed-blood son of Barnaby Skye, who has a long history in this region.
A total eclipse.  A student who takes the name of Owl, a portent for the Shoshone.  Whites sense danger and prepare to act ruthlessly.  Conflict looms.
Richard S. Wheeler has written a succession of very popular westerns- including the tales of Barnaby Skye, loved and followed by many.  That series continues with this new entry.  Not surprising Wheeler has won five SPUR Awards from the Western Writers of America... plus their Owen Wister Award for Lifetime Contribution to Western Literature
Another world.