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Posted by jfreier on 03/30/11
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A new thriller that starts with a bang, a deadly virus is unleashed at the State of the Union Speech, a fast, fun medical-political ride.

Posted by jfreier on 09/19/11
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A major American city is destroyed by a nuclear blast, all fingers point to Iran but Sean Falcone finds a trail that may lead the source back to Washington. The author is the former Secretary of Defense under President Clinton.

Posted by jfreier on 07/05/11
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A timely thriller set in Pakistan featuring Sophie Marx, who must find out who is killing C.I.A ops and why? The author is a Washington Post Mid East expert.

Posted by jfreier on 08/22/13
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The latest novel by Chicago author, Marcus Sakey, is a great read and totally unlike his past work such as "Good People" and "Amateurs." The story is set in the present but reads like a futuristic science fiction book, it is about the rise of children who are born gifted, called the abnorms. The rate has risen and the government sets up an agency called DAR, Department of Analysis and Response. Told through the eyes of agent Cooper, who is himself is gifted, the gifts are specific and not of the super power variety like X-Men.
Agent Cooper's attitude about the gifted changes when he goes undercover to catch the dangerous abnorm, John Smith, whom the DAR has named the most dangerous terrorist in the country. It's a fast, thrilling story and, as I said, a complete departure from his other works.

Posted by jfreier on 08/01/11
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A new thriller out 8/2, featuring Agent Pendergast, after the murder of his wife the Agent is on a quest for vengeance which leads him to wonder if he really knew his wifes' past.

Posted by jfreier on 08/07/11
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A Jesuit missionary discovers a strange elixir in 1800's Mexico from the Huichol Indian tribe. The mysterious substance has a far reaching effect on the modern world and it's up to Sean Reilly and his partner Tess to help save the world.

Posted by jfreier on 04/13/11
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Brad Thor is back with his counterterrorism op Scot Harvath, after serving as President Thomas Carver becomes Secretary General of the U.N and sets out with a series of plots to bring down America. Due out in June!

Posted by jfreier on 03/16/11
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I just watched "Ghost Writer" based on the novel "Ghost" by Robert Harris, it's not a new book but it's a good political thriller with realistic spy involvement.

Posted by Pam I am on 08/30/12
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After hearing all the "buzz" about Gone Girl and waiting for the book, I found myself wondering if this novel was worth the hype.  In a word, YES!  Wow, this book had me engrossed from the first page to the last.  It is a gripping thriller with plot twists you won't believe.
Nick and Amy are a seemingly happily married couple celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary.  Amy suddenly goes missing with no trace and Nick becomes the prime suspect.  Amy has left a treasure hunt of clues for Nick as an anniversary present and Nick must follow the clues as he tries to solve his wife's disappearance.  Alternately, chapters are told through Amy's diary leading up to the day she goes missing.  The two different perspectives of narrators give the reader great insight into this damaged marriage. 
You will be on the edge of your seat reading this book.  Just when you think you have it figured out, the plot takes ingenious twists.  I,  for one, think this book is worth the hype and the wait. 

Posted by jfreier on 05/23/11
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Cotton Malone is back and in the right spot again, he is present when an attempt to assassinate the President is foiled by Cotton himself, this pits him against a powerful group linked to an ancient Jefferson document.

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