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Posted by jfreier on 07/05/11
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A timely thriller set in Pakistan featuring Sophie Marx, who must find out who is killing C.I.A ops and why? The author is a Washington Post Mid East expert.

Posted by jfreier on 06/20/11
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Joseph Finder has recently been writing about ex C.I.A ops who have gone private to work as spy mercenaries' for wealthy individuals or large corporations, he knows his stuff, due out 6/21.

Posted by jfreier on 04/08/11
Check out the Dalton Dossier on David Stone"s website, it has some great inside info on spy craft.

Posted by jfreier on 05/31/11
Steve Berry is busy, a new book and now a short story featuring Cotton Malone, only available as an E-Book.

Posted by jfreier on 05/17/11
Barry Eisler has a new short story available only as an E-book. John Rain and his Mossad friend Delilah are in Paris and attacked while dining on the Ile Saint Louis. This also contains the the first three chapters of his new John Rain novel.

Posted by jfreier on 05/02/11
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In my last blog I mentioned an old spy classic"Shibumi" by "Trevanian", as luck would have it, there is a newly written prequel. "Satori" by "Don Winslow", it tells Nic Hel in Korea and how he became the lethal assassin in the "Shibumi", it is exciting, well written and interesting to find out how this great character came to be.

Posted by jfreier on 02/20/11
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I just read the fifth John Wells thriller and loved it, Well's is on his own with a new partner and are hired by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia to help stop a new terrorist group sponsored by Abdullah's brother Saeed. Very timely with all the turmoil in the Mid East.