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Posted by cclapper on 08/26/11
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The Island of Malta -- 1913: Every hospital is a place of life and a place of... death.  A host of hot air balloons float serenely above the Maltese Grand Harbor, and when one falls, the balloonist is ferried to the Naval Hospital.  He, unfortunately, passes out of this life. 
Hmmmmm.  This may be one death too many, for there have been other rather unexpected deaths at this hospital.  Malta is a British protectorate in 1913, and outraged British folk speak -and write- their minds then ship their thoughts off to The Times in London.  Where their comments are read by a great many people, indeed.  The Foreign Office reacts by sending Special Investigator Seymour to this British outpost, which is a curious mix of British (iconic red post boxes) and a very long, very non-British history indeed.
So begins this new mystery from Michael Pearce, who has written those great Mamur Zapt tales.  Mr. Pearce relishes the admixture of cultures, clearly, and his enthusiasm is contagious.  By the bye... no less than The Times has called this A Dead Man in... series "Sheer fun". 
Sounds like it to me!