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Posted by cclapper on 02/18/11
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1952 - South Africa:  Hitler has been defeated... but the ideas that fired his Reich still burn in other regions of the world.  Particularly in South Africa, where the Afrikaner Broederbond, the 'brotherhood of the blood", exert an unspoken but devastatingly powerful influence everywhere.  Apartheid has just become law and the cultural abyss between blacks, whites and "colored" is titanic.  ("Colored" was their term for people of mixed racial heritage.) 
And then- a man is murdered.  A powerful white Afrikaner police official.  Political and social  tensions coil like mambas waiting for the first misstep. 
And Detective Emmanuel Cooper walks into the middle of it.
Wow.  This is Malla Nunn's first book.  I knew nothing of South Africa in this period; this is an eye-opener.  Check out the cover blurbs.  Give it a try.  I think this author has some good stuff coming. 
Let me know what you think.

Posted by cclapper on 08/23/11
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South Africa -- May, 1879:  A new Provost-Marshal at Landman's Drift... and Ensign Sebastian Early of the 24th Foot is confronted with a dead (and unidentified) body.  The burial is hasty, to 'cover things over', but Ensign Early feels he must find out what happened.
And the body turns out to have been a lieutenant. 
Who may have died in a duel- illegal in this age.
As the British Army prepares to march against the Zulus, Early is confronted by an "officer's code of silence".  He must find answers before the larger conflict commences...
People have have very good things to say about Garry Douglas Kilworth's previous works- science fiction, young adult and fantasy in addition to his military stories.  In these tales, Publishers Weekly likes his "straightforward action in the vein of Bernard Cornwell's Richard Sharpe..." 
Men who enjoy the adventures of Sharpe and Hornblower may have a new author on their favorites list.  These look really good to me!

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