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Posted by jkadus on 02/25/11
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Five years ago, Allison Glenn committed an unspeakable crime.  A crime which destroyed her relationships with her family and friends, and quite possibly her future.  Five years later, she is released from prison to a halfway house in her hometown of Linden Falls.  As Allison struggles to rebuild her life, she is met with opposition and hostility from the town residents. Even her sister Brynn refuses all contact with her.  When Allison applies for a job at the local bookstore, owner Claire Kelby is sympathetic and hires her.  Claire knows only of Allison’s recent imprisonment but not of the crime of which she was accused.  Soon, details about past events surface which could permanently alter the lives of those around her. The choices one makes can ultimately affect oneself and others for a lifetime. Fans of Jodi Picoult might enjoy this.