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Posted by cclapper on 04/22/11
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Castle Rannoch, Pertshire, Scotland, and Rannoch House, Belgrave Square, London -- 1932: Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie, daughter to the Duke of Glen Garry and Rannoch, is finding the global Great Depression more than trying.  As thirty-fourth in line to the Throne of the United Kingdom, a young lady must live up to certain expectations.  But that far from the Crown there is absolutely no income to live upon.  So if you're going to work as a counter clerk at Harrods or as a domestic, opening people's houses in town, you have to do it quietly.  One distant hope: HM (that's Her Majesty, otherwise known as Her Royal Majesty and Empress of India, Queen Mary) wants a bit if information about her son and that American person he's spending time with, Wallace Simpson.  Divorced.  Brash.  Impossible.
Add murder, misunderstandings and the Metropolitan Police and some days require a bit of will to get through.
Rhys Bowen has created three popular mystery series including these Lady Georgiana tales, which begin with this title.  Bowen works in some stale stereotypes at the end of this novel, and that takes something away from this light confection.  Still, Georgiana is a young woman with her own will, determined to make her own way, and she can be a cheering companion.  If you're looking for a light cream tea, this might do.

Posted by cclapper on 01/28/11
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England/Wales - 1400's:  Caught in a time of dynamic intrigue, a girl, traded into political marriages, learns to lay her own stratagems, and contrive her own designs to snare earthly power.  Henry VI, Richard III- what a cast!
Sounds like Philippa Gregory has done it again... but watch your back!
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