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Posted by cclapper on 09/06/11
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Sherwood, England -- 1189: Robin Hood... in a new light.  Alan Dale, running from the law, flees into the realm of the master outlaw, Robin Hood.  Robin takes him as apprentice, and begins to introduce him to a world more violent and dangerous than we imagined.  Alan's training is a risk.  And who know how many of the band will survive.  The Normans want them dead, and are completely ruthless.  Some of the band may not be who they seem.  Arrows- with blood.  Not the light-hearted romps of the old television shows.
Angus Donald is building a new series, beginning with this book.  The next is Holy Warrior, and a third is in the works.  Nelson DeMille calls Outlaw "Superb!".  That counts.