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Posted by jmurrow on 06/17/14
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If you enjoy comedy that relies on irreverent humor mixed with keen insights into race relations and popular culture, then you will thoroughly enjoy comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peel’s provocative new show!  From gangsters sharing a passion for Twilight to racist zombies, this show is one of the best comedies out there.  The chemistry and camaraderie between the two comedians is great, and the fact that you know they are having as much fun as you are makes this series all the more enjoyable.  I seriously cannot recommend this series enough! 

Posted by cclapper on 04/25/11
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Appalachian Kentucky in the Depression.  The life of a young girl growing to a woman and into her maturity as a grandmother.  Life has always been hard in the Appalachians, in the small rural town of Aurora where blacks and whites live life as best they can and struggle to make their way.  The Depression has settled across the country and now there is even less for Olivia and her household, living behind a small country store.
Her grandfather brought Silver wolves back from his travels to Alaska , and their descendants inhabit the mountain with Olivia, Olivia's grandson Will'm, and Ida, Olivia's spiteful mother.
Now someone is killing Silvers.  And Olivia and Will'm may be in danger.
Caught me up in its story.  Fresh and immediate; received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, a very high commendation, indeed.  As Carolyn Wall's first novel, tells us we may have more good things coming.