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Posted by cclapper on 03/25/11
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Springtime in Paris -- but it's 1791The French Revolution has been churning for two years.  Hot passions still run through the streets, and when a young deaf boy is accused of murdering a radical activist for the poor, mobs want blood.  Anne Cartier is the boy's teacher- and the only one who stands between him and swift street justice.  Then his accuser disappears... 
Charles O'Brien, PhD, taught history for thirty years.  He's turned some dark historical corners to dangerous byways... Revolutionary Paris is quite a trip.

Posted by cclapper on 05/23/11
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August, 1793 -- Revolutionary Paris!  Louis XVI: lost his head.  Marie Antoinette: about to stand trial. The streets are charged with tension and excitement- and the people are hungry.  Any enemy of the Republic found guilty has only one sentence: death.  And a murderer is stalking the streets carrying out his own executions, his victims decapitated like those sent to the guillotine. Aristide Ravel, freelance investigator for the Paris police must track this demon though the dark alleys of Paris- and the dark reaches of his own past.
Susanne Alleyn began this series with Game of Patience, then A Treasury of Regrets, and The Cavalier of the Apocalypse, which received a starred review from Publishers Weekly.  Always good advice: Keep Your Head!

Posted by cclapper on 08/04/11
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Paris, City of Light -- 1910: (after a brief jaunt in 1925)  The Mona Lisa- just another extraordinary painting quietly hanging in a one of the Louvre's many galleries.  Eduardo de Valfierno sees no reason why that condition should persist.  He's had quite a nice little career in Buenos Aires; the nouveaux riche pay him well to steal fine works of art... and he hands them perfect forgeries instead.  But now he's on the scent of something much more rewarding- something back in his favorite city: Paris.
Carson Morton has written a mystery based upon the real - and very notorious- theft of the Mona Lisa one hundred years ago.  You may have heard the radio discussions honoring the centennial, or read stories in the papers- or on the net.  Now here's your opportunity for a little tour through time.  I think this looks like fun!
Before its 1911 theft, the Mona Lisa was admired- but didn't have the world-wide fame it owns today.  That theft, with universal media attention, made people everywhere see this painting in a new way- and that renovated perception persists to our time.  The social archeology of a cultural touchstone. 

Posted by cclapper on 04/15/11
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Paris -- 1889: Murder... and epidemic!  And just as the world is flocking to Paris, visiting the new World's Fair and Mr. Eiffel's fresh wonder, the Eiffel Tower!  Explorer and investigative journalist extraordinaire Nellie Bly knows something is going on- could these murders and the epidemic be connected?  She's put her latest expose to bed, and is looking for a new challenge.  And helpers-interesting helpers: Louis Pasteur, Oscar Wilde and Jules Verne.  Nelly Bly is a woman of action, and she will play no small part in a world usually reserved for men.
This novel has gotten some good attention.  And Carol McCleary has spun a second tale of Nelly Bly- The Illusion of Murder.   May be more to come-

Posted by cclapper on 06/20/11
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Old Paris -- July, 1891:  Barefoot, robed in red... and dead.  Beautiful?  Hard to tell.  Her face disfigured after she was strangled and dumped in the Boulevard Montmartre.  Then something stranger: a goatherd arrives at Victor Legris's bookshop and presents the proprietor/sleuth with a single red shoe.  Victor is hooked; now he and Jojo must get to the bottom of this-

Montmartre is the third of the Victor Legris cases, now making their way into print in English.  Start with Murder on the Eiffel Tower and The Disappearance at Père-Lachaise. After this novel, les histoires will continue with The Assassin in the Marais later this year... with more to come.  Claude Izner has spun nine of these case histories in France and they are slowly making le voyage to our New World.
Looks like a very palpable and personal exploration of Old Paris; life on the Seine, with stops at cafes, cabarets, even the Botanical Gardens & Menagerie (the Zoo!) 
And Summer is parfait for travel abroad...