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Posted by Pam I am on 01/23/12
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This is a good introduction to "mommy lit".  In Take It Like a Mom, Annie finds herself as a stay at home mom of a three year old with another baby on the way.  She used to be a high-powered lawyer who always wore the right thing.  Now, she can barely shower and put her hair in a ponytail before heading to the playground.  Annie navigates the sometimes funny, sometimes tough life of a stay at home mom.

Posted by Pam I am on 04/22/11
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This book offers a twist on what makes a family.  When Jill, a graduate student, finds herself both single and  pregnant , her two roommates, Janey and Katie agree to take on the adventure of parenting together with her.   This book is heartwarming and funny and shows how lives are changed by the bonds of nontraditional family.