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Posted by cclapper on 05/16/11
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Blackwell, Massachusetts -- Over 300 years!: A small town still harbors many lives- lives that arrive, intertwine, diverge and disappear.  Lives like the brave young English immigrant who faced a wilderness and founded the settlement that became her new home.  A young man who migrated into the big city taking only his dog.  Civil war veterans, poets and notables from history, all pass through this small town.  And all pass through one garden- a garden only of red plants.  One garden that changes them all.
Alice Hoffman has given us many notable works- Practical Magic and Second Nature among others.  For young adults she wrote Aquamarine, Incantation, Green Witch...  This new novel has been called "exquisite", "beautifully crafted", "shimmering with magic".  I think this sounds worth investigating.

Posted by cclapper on 03/07/11
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Colonial Massachusetts - March, 1673: Martha Allen serves as servant to her cousin.  At nineteen they call her spinster.  Her life is hard- and she is hard to be around.
Thomas Carrier is quiet; a hired man.  His silence may be dangerous.
Danger.  In this struggling colony and across the waters: King Charles the First- executed; Cromwell- sickened, dead; the State in turmoil; the Protectorate, gone- and Charles the Second returning... ready for revenge.
Kathleen Kent's first book, The Heretic's Daughter, wove through the Salem Witch Trials:  two women caught in madness.  Historical novels: dynamic times-  

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