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Posted by cclapper on 10/12/11
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From Malone, New York, 1960 -- to Today: Do you ever listen to  Sound Opinions on NPR (National Public Radio)?  Those two guys are just so into music that their passions open my eyes to all kinds of expression that I've never even thought about.  And what I'm talking about right now is Punk.
I've never been a Punk fan (that I know of) but Greg and Jim have spoken often -and highly- of the seminal Punk band Hüsker DüI heard their interview with one of the founding members, Bob Mould, and his story caught me.  Growing up for him  wasn't easy.  The early Punk scene wasn't easy, either.  Almost nobody made money, and bands commonly gave each other a place to crash when they were touring.  But  this band made it work for some time, and went on to influence many of the biggest bands out there today.
So when I saw Bob Mould's new biography,  I picked it up.  Mr. Mould's story is impressive.  From an early love of music and math, to his growing involvement in the first beginnings of the Punk movement, to the stresses of managing the band's growing success. From growing up in a very conservative home, then struggling with his sexuality and concerns with how it might affect the perception of the band, he's had a wild ride.
Professional wrestling even works its way in there.  Some odyssey.
You may not feel unalloyed admiration for anyone in this book- including Mr. Mould.  He is exceptionally honest about a great many things, including some of his own failings.  But his honesty and his simple words about how he faced many of the concerns in his life led me to respect him.  Many folks, especially people coming to terms with their own sexuality, will find great strength here.
Plus a great many really interesting details about life in the Punk age, and beyond.
Thanks Greg and Jim!  ROCK ON!!

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