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Posted by Ultra Violet on 09/19/11
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Strange and lovely, as it is quirky and bizarre. This book layers metaphors and meanings in such a way that it all comes together in the end. Makes you laugh and think.

Posted by Ultra Violet on 08/26/11
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A brilliant physicist is disappointed in his profoundly average son. He tries everything to get the boy to show some mathematical or scientific promise, but to no avail. When Nathan is in a severe accident and comes out of a coma with a whole new way of thinking, his father sees an opportunity to turn him into a human guinea pig. An unusual coming of age story that is relatable for anyone who had parents with high expectations.

Posted by Ultra Violet on 05/31/11
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Intense story of an adult son confronting his long-estranged father to unearth the secrets of his family's dysfunction. Craig Lancaster won the 2010 High Plains Book Award for his first book and 2009 Honor Book for 600 Hours of Edward. He writes with a strong, realistic flavor of the West.