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Posted by Ultra Violet on 11/19/13
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The authors called this their love letter to the written word. It is difficult to explain this book properly with being able to show it to you. And not just the cover, but the elegantly designed slipcase, the margin notes printed in different colors and in different hand-writings, the various postcards, doodled-on napkins and obituaries nestled between the pages at key points. S. is a collection of clues, there's even a decoder.
The story is about a woman who finds a book in the stacks of a library that has been written in. She responds to the notes and leaves the book for the owner to find. He responds to her, and the conversation begins. They are both interested in the author of the book they are writing in and their correspondence revolves around his mysterious life and career, at first. Eventually, they find a deeper connection.
J.J. Abrams is a Hollywood director and it shows. This is a thrilling mystery, full of cinematic intrigue. Both plots are compelling, though the contemporary story may attract more readers, the book they are writing in, The Ship of Theseus, is a very believable as an historical sea story in its own right.
This is such a fascinating format. It's well worth checking out just to thumb through, but it makes a very satisfying read if you can stay focused on the story with all that's going on.