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Posted by cclapper on 08/04/11
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England, under Edward I -- January, 1304: Hugh Corbett, emissary of the King, his highness Edward I, is tasked with a simple project.  He is to return an artifact to the Crown.  The artifact: a cross unspeakably valuable, once the possession of the Knights Templar.  Their possession, that is, until it was stolen by Scrope, lord of Mistleham.  Scrope has already reneged on his promise to surrender the cross, and he has begun slaughtering members of a local religious order as heretics.  One other problem.  As Huge approaches the village he discovers that an unknown bowman has been killing random residents at will.  Life can be daunting.
Hugh Corbett's tales are just one series from Paul Doherty,  His books are spread across time- and even include Alexander the Great as a sleuth.  What do you think?