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Posted by cclapper on 10/07/11
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Text !... Design !!... FONTS !!!  Street signs.  Subway signs.  Traffic signs.  Magazine covers. Contracts.  Bills (ugh.)  Television (print on screen!
Computers.  Flashing across your screen- how much is text?
Then the hero in your movie glances up at the sign above that dangerous-looking door he's going through-
Oh yes, magazines.  Books of course.  And, yeah, that new eReader.
We read the world.  And fonts stand like glass between us and what we read: transparent or distorted.  Comic, serious, bold, meek.  Big.  Small.  Slanted.  Fonts change how we read.
A sometimes wild ramble thorough everything related to fonts.  Humorous, particular, and rambunctious, Mr. Garfield takes us on a tour of font history and the men and women who craft, love, hate (and even destroy) fonts.  Font designers have strong opinions.  Print designers connect emotionally with their tools.  There have been interesting events along the way.     
Some fonts are featured, and a couple of characters (glyphs, that is) get special attention, but this is not a detailed textbook on font anatomy or construction.  Occasionally I wanted even more detail, but Mr. Garfield is fascinated with fonts, and shows us why.
Since the advent of computers, we all have the ability to typeset what we write.  And we see how fonts change our message.  More and more of us want to reach out and find just the right characters for those words...  So we're falling for fonts.  Want great tidbits for parties?  Or hot topics to discuss late into the night with that writer?  Lots here. 

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