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Posted by cclapper on 03/04/11
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1540 - What Will Become Southeastern America: Hernando de Soto has landed in the 'new world' and quickly assessed how to dupe and enslave the peoples who have inhabited this area for generations.   But the struggle of the indigenous tribes continues.  Two stand in opposition- Black Shell and his confidant/wife, Pearl Hand.  What can they do against these invaders with guile and incredible weaponry?
Continues the Contact series that kicked off with Coming Of The Storm.
The Gears: what storytellers!  Their First North Americans series has been popular for years.  We recently talked about another new series of theirs:  People of the Longhouse- remember?  The Gears 're keeping 'em coming- and there are lots of readers who are really happy about that! 
This is such an unusual period to read about.  Let me know what you think!