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Posted by jfreier on 03/13/12
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A  Pulitzer Prize winning journalist has his career sabatoged by shadowy scholar named Zachariah Simon who also has his daughter at his mercy. Zachariah holds the key to a 500 year mystery concerning "Columbus", another thriller by "Steve Berry".

Posted by jfreier on 05/02/12
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A beautiful scientist is partnered up with a special ops member to travel to the Earth's core to help find the cure for a deadly epidemic.

Posted by jfreier on 04/12/14
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King and Maxwell are back for the sixth book in this series by David Baldacci.
Tyler Wingo a teen is given the tragic news that his father was killed in Afghanistan, but later hears from him after his supposed death. Tyler hires Sean and Michelle to investigate and it leads to a larger and more dangerous conspiracy that puts all three in danger.
The two are lead to higher ups in the Pentagon and to the White House in this typically fast paced style of Baldacci, the relationship of Sean and Michelle deepens and actually adds to the story, as does their protection of Tyler, a bit of a slow start, but the pace picks up and is another easy but escapist read. Sorry to hear the T.V series King and Maxwell was cancelled.

Posted by jfreier on 02/28/12
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Julia Kerrigan a young archaeologist find a skull with a hole bored into it, soon after her teacher is murdered, meanwhile in Cambodia "Jake Thursby" is asked to investigate the Plain of Jars but is stopped by a secret group. For fans of "Dan Brown" and "Steve Berry".

Posted by jfreier on 02/21/12
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Treasure hunters find a  crate in a world war 2 bunker in Germany with the Black Swan logo of King Ludwig II.
A former soldier enlists the help of Jonathon Payne and David Jones to help him find the lost treasure of Ludwig II, which leads them on a search for the treasure and the mystery of Ludwig's death. Fans of "Dan Brown" and "Steve Berry" might enjoy this book.

Posted by jfreier on 08/21/12
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Daniel Byrne is a priest for the Vatican Office of the Devils' Advocate, the bureau that is in charge of debunking claims of miracles around the world, Daniel is pulled from a Stigmata claim in Africa and given a new assignment.
Daniels' uncle who raised him after the death of his parents is a powerful T.V preacher who has just recently been predicting events when speaking in tongues, he has used this trick before but now the Vatican linguist has confirmed that when played backward at 66.6 he has been perfect with his prophecies.
Daniel is stunned when he finds out his uncle is really predicting events and is as shocked as Daniel is.
Tim Trinity seeks his nephews help and soon Trinity is targeted by a secret global group, a casino owner, and his own flock.
Sean Chercover has written a fast paced thriller with good character development and exotic locales, would appeal to fans of Steve Berry and Dan Brown.