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Posted by dnapravn on 10/08/14
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The five talented and extremely energetic hosts of the ABC television show, The Chew, are back with a new cookbook just in time for the holidays. Whether you are thinking about your upcoming Halloween party, a Thanksgiving feast, or celebrations beyond those two, you will find them covered in this book.
The format of this cookbook is one complete menu per holiday or event. Recipes range from cocktails to dessert, and everything in between. The book is filled with photographs of both food and the antics of The Chew hosts. One thing I particularly liked about the book was that beside your standard ingredient lists and prep times, there was a skill level attached to each recipe. There are also general entertainment tips and a few decoration and gift ideas thrown in.
I found this to be a colorful and fun book to get me thinking about the festivity-filled months ahead. This is the third companion book from the show. Be sure to check out the others as well. Happy Holidays!

Posted by Mrs. T. on 11/16/11
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Do you like cooking or been interested but haven't had time to try it? Kids' World has some great cookbooks to get you started. When I looked at these I wanted to go home and start cooking right away. I think you will too! Please be sure to ask your parents for help in shopping and planning. Let me know if you try any of the recipes from this list of cookbooks and if you like them.  Check out the S'more Cupcakes in The Cookbook for Kids shown here. Enjoy!