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Posted by mmulholl on 03/09/11
Need a map when taking a trip or going on vacation? You can check out maps of several US cities and states as well as countries and cities around the world! The map rack is located in the non-fiction area next to the reference map case!  You can check them out for four weeks. Now you know where you're going!

Posted by on 04/16/11
If you are going on vacation, Google can be a valuable traveling companion.  Want to know what clothes to pack?  Enter your destination city and "weather" in the Google search box (e.g. Seattle weather) and find the current temperature and a forecast for the next four days.  Wondering if your mother's flight to Florida is on time?  Enter the airline code and flight number (e.g. AA 1656) to learn departure and landing times.  Are you shopping in a foreign country and need to know what an item costs in U.S. dollars?  Enter the amount of the country's currency in the search box followed by "into dollars" (e.g. 50 euros into dollars).  Wondering what time it is at home?  Enter "time in" and the city in the search box (e.g. time in Chicago).  Bon voyage.