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Posted by jmurrow-res on 05/22/14
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When asked to name historical figures who influenced America, everyone can name George Washington, Samuel L. Clemens, and Henry Ford. But what about Dorthea Dix, who exposed the harsh treatment of the mentaly ill in the 1800s, ᎾᏅᏰᎯ who with other members of the Cherokee tribal council fought for peaceful relations with European-Americans, or Grace Murray Hopper, whose work became the bassis of the computer language COBOL? 
I genuenly enjoyed Charlotte Waisman's Her Story, which highlights the awesome, varied, and often unrecognized contributions of over 900 women throughout U.S. history, beginning in the 1500s and spanning all the way through 2011.  For lovers of American history, feminists, or even the simply curious, Her Story is a fantastic book that I can't recommend enough!