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Alan, Lori, 1966-Albee, Sarah
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Allen, Brooke A.Allen, Buffy
Allen, Carl (Drummer)Allen, Chad, 1974-
Allen, Charlotte Vale, 1941-Allen, Conrad, 1940-
Allen, ConstanceAllen, Corey, 1934-2010
Allen, Crystal, 1978-Allen, Crystal. Magnificent Mya Tibbs
Allen, DarinaAllen, Dave, 1968-
Allen, David T.Allen, David, 1945 December 28-
Allen, Debbie, 1950-Allen, Dede
Allen, Desmond WallsAllen, Donald, 1912-2004
Allen, Douglas R.Allen, Edward
Allen, Edward, 1938-Allen, Elise. Gabby Duran
Allen, Elise. Jim Henson's Enchanted sistersAllen, Elizabeth, 1929-2006
Allen, Francine, 1955-Allen, Fred, 1894-1956
Allen, Fred, 1896-1955Allen, Frederick Lewis, 1890-1954
Allen, GeneAllen, Gracie, 1902-1964
Allen, GrantAllen, Henry
Allen, HunterAllen, Irving, 1905-1987
Allen, Irwin, 1916-1991Allen, J. Edward
Allen, James, 1864-1912Allen, Jay Presson, 1922-2006
Allen, Jean, 1964-Allen, Jeanne
Allen, Jeffrey G., 1943-Allen, Jeffrey, 1970- Stay at home dad mystery
Allen, Jim, 1926-1999Allen, Jody
Allen, John DavidAllen, John E. (John Elliston), 1921-
Allen, John L., Jr., 1965-Allen, John Lawrence
Allen, John O., 1937-Allen, John W. (John Willis), 1887-1969
Allen, Jonathan, 1957-Allen, Joy
Allen, JudyAllen, Judy. Backyard books
Allen, K. ScottAllen, Karen, 1951-
Allen, Kathleen R.Allen, Keith (Keith C.)
Allen, Kevin, 1956-Allen, Kris, 1985-
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Allen, Louise, 1949- Lords of disgraceAllen, Margaret McKee, 1922-
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Allen, Michael W., 1946- Michael Allen's e-learning libraryAllen, Michael, 1950-
Allen, Mitchell (Mitchell L.), 1970-Allen, Moira Anderson, 1959-
Allen, NancyAllen, Nancy Kelly, 1949-
Allen, Nancy, 1950-Allen, Nick, 1950-
Allen, Patrick, 1927-2006Allen, Penelope Johnson
Allen, Peter (Peter J.)Allen, Peter, 1920-2016
Allen, Peter, 1944-1992Allen, R. S. (Ray Saffian), 1924-1981
Allen, RachelAllen, Ray, 1975-
Allen, Rex, 1920-1999Allen, Richard
Allen, Richard James, 1960-Allen, Richard V.
Allen, RickAllen, Rob
Allen, RobbieAllen, Robert
Allen, Robert G.Allen, Robert, 1906-1998
Allen, Robin, 1964- Poppy Markham, culinary copAllen, Roger E.
Allen, Roger MacBrideAllen, Roger, 1942-
Allen, Ronald BarclayAllen, Ronald J. (Ronald James), 1949-
Allen, RussellAllen, Sam
Allen, SashaAllen, Shirley
Allen, Steve, 1921-2000Allen, Tanya, 1975-
Allen, TereseAllen, Terry, 1943-
Allen, Thomas B.Allen, Thomas B. (Thomas Burt), 1928-
Allen, Thomas B. (Thomas Burt), 1928-2004Allen, Thomas, 1944-
Allen, Tim, 1953-Allen, Todd, 1960-
Allen, TomAllen, Tony
Allen, Tony (Vocalist)Allen, Tony, 1940-
Allen, Virginia FrenchAllen, W. Peter
Allen, Will, 1949-Allen, Woody, 1935-
Alper, AllenAnderson, Allen, 1954-
Anderson, Douglas A. (Douglas Allen), 1959-Ascher, Allen
Ayckbourn, Alan, 1939-Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750. Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen. Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen
Bain, AllenBaldwin, David A. (David Allen), 1946-
Baron, AllenBarra, Allen
Bartlett, Robert AllenBerry, D. A. (David A.), 1922-
Billington, Ray Allen, 1903-1981Bishop Allen (Musical group)
Booz, Allen & HamiltonBragdon, Allen D.
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Burns & Allen (Comedy team)Carr, Allen, 1934-2006
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Chu, Donald A. (Donald Allen), 1940-Churchill, Allen, 1911-1988
Coombes, Allen J.Coulter, Allen
Covert, Allen, 1964-Cress, David
Cromie, Robert, 1909-1999Daniel, Alan, 1939-
Danziger, AllenDaviau, Allen
David, Peter (Peter Allen)Davis, Allen Freeman, 1931-
De Ford, Miriam Allen, 1888-1975Dickey, R. A. (Robert Allen), 1974-
Dulles, Allen, 1893-1969Dysart, Richard
Eitzen, AllanEpstein, Richard Allen, 1943-
Ethan Allen, Inc.Evangelista, Allen
Farnsworth, JoeFisher, Clay, 1912-1991
Frances, Allen, 1942-Gang of Four (Musical group)
Garfield, Allen, 1939-Garns, Allen
Ginsberg, Allen, 1926-1997Gladfelter, Allen
Glenn, Thomas Allen, 1864-Good, the Bad & the Queen (Musical group)
Goulem, AlGov't Mule (Musical group)
Grammer, Kelsey, 1955-Guelzo, Allen C.
Harris, Ed, 1950-Heide, Florence Parry
Hendrix, JimiHenry, Will, 1912-1991
Hodge, Robert Allen, 1929-Hughes Brothers
Hughes, AllenIrwin Allen Productions
Isaacman, Allen F.Israel, Allen C.
J.C. Allen & SonJames, Boney
Jenkins, Allen, 1900-1974Johnson, James Allen, 1932-
Jourgensen, Al, 1958-Karp, David Allen, 1944-
Keele, AllenKilbourne, Fannie, 1890-
Klein, AllenKlein, Laurie Allen
Kurtzman, JoelKurzweil, Allen
Latham, Allen, 1792-1871Leech, Allen
Madsen, Jim, 1964-Mandelbaum, Allen, 1926-2011
McNeil, AllenMendler, Allen N.
Miles, BuddyMilgrom, A. (Allen)
Murphy, Bruce AllenMyers, Allen C., 1945-
Nelson, John Allen, 1959-Nevins, Allan, 1890-1971
Nichols, David A. (David Allen), 1939-Nollen, Scott Allen
Norell, MarkNorton, Andre
Owen, Alison, 1961-Paine, Lauran
Parker, Richard A. (Richard Allen), 1947-Paterson, Allen
Paulos, John AllenPayne, Allen
Peters, Ruth AllenPoe, Edgar Allan, 1809-1849
Pomerantz, AllenPosner, Richard A.
Rashad, Phylicia, 1948-Rawls, Lou
Rice, Anne, 1941-Ritchie, Michael, 1938-2001
Rivkin, Allen, 1903-1990Roza, Greg
Ruppersberg, Allen, 1944-Rutland, Robert Allen, 1922-2000
Sapp, Allen, 1929-Savoy, Ann, 1952-
Say, AllenScates, Allen E.
Schubert, Franz, 1797-1828. Wandrers Nachtlied, D. 768Scott, Allen (Dale Allen), 1960-
Shapiro, AllenShen, Parry, 1973-
Sibley, David, 1961-Smith, Roy Allen
Soft Machine (Musical group)St. John, Allen
Steele, AllenSteele, Allen M. Coyote chronicles
Steer, DugaldStern, Howard, 1954-
Stewart, Boo BooSummerall, Pat
Symphony X (Musical group)Taylor, Allen G.
Thiher, Allen, 1941-Thornbury, Bill
Toussaint, AllenVan Allen, Lisa
Van Atta, DonVan Doren, Charles Lincoln, 1926-
Wagamese, RichardWalsh, David Allen
Wardwell, AllenWeakland, Allen G.
Weinberg, AllenWhite, Jeremy Allen
Wilding, L. A. (Longworth Allen), 1902-Williams, Richard, 1950-
Winters, Ben H.Wood, Allen W.
Woolf, Edgar AllanYork, Dick, 1928-1992
Young, Allen M.Zadoff, Allen. Unknown assassin

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