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The Graphic Canon : [the World's Great Literature As Comics And Visuals] (2012)


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Graphic novelsGN/NONFICTION/GRAPHIC v.1Available
Graphic novelsGN/NONFICTION/GRAPHIC v.2Available
Published: New York : Seven Stories Press, c2012-c2013
Edition:  A Seven Stories Press first edition
Description:  3 volumes : chiefly illustrations (some color) ; 28 cm
ISBN/ISSN: 9781609803834 (set), 1609803833 (set), 9781609803766 (pbk. : v. 1), 1609803760 (pbk. : v. 1), 9781609803780 (pbk. : v. 2), 1609803787 (pbk. : v. 2), 9781609803803 (pbk. : v. 3), 1609803809 (pbk. : v. 3),
Language:  English

Subtitle from cover

vol. 1. From the epic of Gilgamesh to Shakespeare to Dangerous liaisons -- vol. 2. From "Kubla Khan" to the Brontë sisters to The picture of Dorian Gray -- vol. 3. From Heart of darkness to Hemingway to Infinite jest

From the epic of Gilgamesh to Shakespeare to Dangerous liaisons. Three panel review : Hamlet / Epic of Gilgamesh / "Coyote and the pebbles" / Iliad / Odyssey / Poem fragments / Medea / Lysistrata / Book of Esther / Symposium / Tao te ching / Mahabharata / Analects and other writings / Book of Daniel / On the nature of things / Aeneid / Book of Revelation / Three Tang poems / Beowulf / Tale of Genji / Letters of Heloise and Abelard / "O nobilissima viriditas" / "The fisherman and the genie" / "The woman with two coyntes" / Poems / Divine comedy / Inferno / Tibetan book of the dead (Bardo Thodol) / "The last ballad" / Canterbury Tales / morte d'Arthur / Apu Ollantay / Outlaws of the water margin / Hagoromo (celestial feather robe) / Popol Vuh / Visions of St. Teresa of Ávila / "Hot sun, cool fire" / Journey to the west / Faerie queene / A midsummer night's dream / King Lear / Don Quixote / Sonnet 18 / Sonnet 20 / "The flea" / "To his coy mistress" / "Forgive us our trespasses" / Paradise lost / Gulliver's travels / Candide / "A modest proposal" / "Advice to a young man on the choice of a mistress" / London journal / "Letter to the Royal Academy of Brussels" (a.k.a. "Fart proudly") / A vindication of the rights of woman / Dangerous liaisons / Vol. 1 Le

From "Kubla Khan" to the Brontë sisters to The picture of Dorian Gray. Kubla Khan / Rime of the ancient mariner / Auguries of innocence / Pride and prejudice / She walks in beauty / Ozymandias / I wandered lonely as a cloud / O solitude / Frankenstein / Fairy tales / How six made good in the world / La belle dame sans merci / Jerusalem : the emanation of the giant Albion / Confessions of Nat Turner / Mortal immortal / Fairy tales / Rondeau (Jenny kiss'd me) / Oliver Twist / Jumblies / Der Struwwelpeter / Poe montage / Raven / Works / Jane Eyre / Wuthering Heights / Scarlet letter / Moby-Dick / Walden / Leaves of grass / Leaves of grass / Hasheesh eater / On the origin of species / Message from Mount Misery / Les misérables / Because I could not stop for Death / I taste a liquor never brewed / Letter to George Sand / Alice's adventures in Wonderland and Through the looking-glass / Jabberwocky / Alice gallery / Crime and punishment / Venus in furs / Drunken boat / Middlemarch / Hunting of the snark / Anna Karenina / Adventures of Huckleberry Finn / Thus spake Zarathustra / Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde / An occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge / Picture of Dorian Gray / Three panel reviews / Further reading / Vol. 2

From Heart of darkness to Hemingway to Infinite jest. Heart of darkness / Awakening / Interpretation of dreams / Wonderful Wizard of Oz / "The new accelerator" / "Reginald" / Mother / "IF--" / John Barleycorn / "Araby" (from Dubliners) / "The metamorphosis" / Voyage out / "The love song of J. Alfred Prufrock" / "The mowers" / "Sea Iris" / "A matter of colour" / Madman / "Hands" (from Winesburg, Ohio) / Dreaming of the bones / Chéri / Age of innocence / "Dulce et decorum est" / "The second coming" / "The penitent" and "The singing-woman from the wood's edge" / "The top" and "Give it up!" / "The Negro speaks of rivers" / "Rain" / Ulysses / Ulysses / "Living on $1,000 a year in Paris" / "The emperor of ice-cream" / "The hill" / Siddhartha / "The waste land" / Great Gatsby / Steppenwolf / Lady Chatterley's lover / Sound and the fury / Letters to a young poet / Maltese falcon / Brave new world / Poker! / Black elk speaks / "Strange fruit" (a.k.a. "Bitter fruit") / Nausea / Grapes of wrath / Three stories / Stranger / Animal farm / "The heart of the park" / Nineteen eighty-four / Man with the golden arm / "The voice of the hamster" / Waiting for Godot / "The dancer"/ Gabriela Mistral, illustration by Andrea Arroyo ; Lord of the flies / Doors of perception / Lolita / Four beats / On the road / Naked lunch / One flew over the cuckoo's nest / Bell jar / Last exit to Brooklyn / Diaries / Master and margarita / One hundred years of solitude / In watermelon sugar / Gravity's rainbow / Crash / "I bought a little city" / "What we talk about when we talk about love" / Blood and guts in High School / Blood meridian / Foucault's pendulum / Wild at heart / Famished road / Einstein's dreams / Wind-up bird chronicle / Infinite jest / Vol. 3

William Shakespeare, art/adaptation by Lisa Brown ; Babylonian tablets, art/adaptation by Kevin Dixon, rendition by Kent Dixon ; Native American folktale, story by Dayton Edmonds, art by Micah Farritor ; Homer, art/adaptation by Alice Duke ; Homer, art/adaptation by Gareth Hinds ; Sappho, art/adaptation by Alessandro Bonaccorsi ; Euripides, art/adaptation by Tori McKenna ; Aristophanes, art/adaptation and translation by Valerie Schrag ; from the Hebrew bible, art/adaptation and translation by J.T. Waldman ; Plato, art/adaptation by Yeji Yun ; Lao Tzu, adaptation by Fred Van Lente, art by Ryan Dunlavey ; Vyasa, art/adaptation by Matt Wiegle ; Confucius, adaptation by Fred Van Lente, art by Ryan Dunlavey ; from the Hebrew bible, art/adaptation by Benjamin Frisch ; Lucretius, art/adaptation by Tom Biby and Jonathan Fetter-Vorm ; Virgil, art/adaptation by Michael Lagocki ; from the New Testament, art/adaptation by Rick Geary ; Wang Han, Cui Hu, and Li Bai, art/adaptation and translation by Sharon Rudahl ; Anglo-Saxon epic poem, art/adaptation by Gareth Hinds ; Murasaki Shikibu, art/adaptation by Molly Kiely ; art/adaptation by Ellen Lindner ; Hildegard of Bingen, art/adaptation by Molly Kiely ; from The Arabian Nights, art/adaptation by Andrice Arp ; from The Arabian Nights, art/adaptation by Vicki Nerino ; Rumi, art/adaptation by Michael Green, translations by Coleman Barks ; Dante Alighieri, art/adaptation by Seymour Chwast ; Dante Alighieri, art/adaptation by Hunt Emerson ; Padmasambhava and Karma Lingpa, art/adaptation by Sanya Glisic ; François Villon, art/adaptation by Julian Peters ; Geoffrey Chaucer, art/adaptation by Seymour Chwast ; Sir Thomas Mallory, art/adaptation by Omaha Perez ; an Incan play, art/adaptation by Caroline Picard ; Shi Nai'an, illustrations by Shawn Cheng ; a Japanese Noh play, art/adaptation by Isabel Greenberg ; sacred book of the Quiché Maya, art/adaptation by Roberta Gregory ; from her autobiography, art/adaptation by Edie Fake ; George Peele, art/adaptation by Dave Morice ; Wu Cheng'en, art/adaptation by Conor Hughes ; Edmund Spenser, adaptation by Michael Stanyer, art by Eric Johnson ; William Shakespeare, art/adaptation by Maxx Kelly with Huxley King ; William Shakespeare, art/adaptation by Ian Pollock ; Miguel Cervantes, art/adaptation by Will Eisner ; William Shakespeare, art/adaptation by Robert Berry with Josh Levitas ; William Shakespeare, art/adaptation by Aidan Koch ; John Donne, art/adaptation by Noah Patrick Pfarr ; Andrew Marvell, art/adaptation by Yien Yip ; Aphra Behn, art/adaptation by Alex Eckman-Lawn ; John Milton, art/adaptation by Rebecca Dart ; Jonathan Swift, art/adaptation by Gareth Hinds ; Voltaire, illustrations by Ian Ball ; Jonathan Swift, art/adaptation by Peter Kuper ; Benjamin Franklin, painting by Cortney Skinner ; James Boswell, art/adaptation by Robert Crumb ; Benjamin Franklin, art/adaptation by Stan Shaw ; Mary Wollstonecraft, adaptation by Fred Van Lente, art by Ryan Dunlavey ; Choderlos de Laclos, illustrations by Molly Crabapple --

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, art/adaptation by Alice Duke ; Samuel Taylor Coleridge, art/adaptation by Hunt Emerson ; William Blake, art/adaptation by Aidan Koch ; Jane Austen, art/adaptation by Huxley King, design editor, Terrence Boyce ; George Gordon, Lord Byron, art/adaptation by David Lasky ; Percy Bysshe Shelley, art/adaptation by Anthony Ventura ; William Wordsworth, art/adaptation by PMurphy ; John Keats, art/adaptation by Hunt Emerson ; Mary Shelley, adaptation by Jason Cobley, art by Declan Shalvey ; The Brothers Grimm, illustrations by S. Clay Wilson ; The Brothers Grimm, art/adaptation by Shawn Cheng ; John Keats, art/adaptation by Neil Cohn ; William Blake, art and lettering by William Blake ; Nat Turner and Thomas R. Gray, art/adaptation by John Pierard ; Mary Shelley, art/adaptation by Lance Tooks ; Hans Christian Andersen, illustrations by S. Clay Wilson ; Leigh Hunt, art/adaptation by Ellen Linder ; Charles Dickens, art/adaptation by Kevin Dixon ; Edward Lear, art/adaptation by Hunt Emerson ; Heinrich Hoffmann, illustrations and layout by Sanya Glisic ; Edgar Allan Poe, illustration by Gris Grimly ; Edgar Allan Poe, art/adaptation by Yien Yip ; Edgar Allan Poe, illustrations by Maxon Crumb ; Charlotte Bronte, art/adaptation by Elizabeth Watasin ; Emily Brontë, art/adaptation by Tim Fish ; Nathaniel Hawthorne, illustration by Ali J ; Herman Melville, illustration by Matt Kish ; Henry David Thoreau, art/adaptation by John Porcellino ; Walt Whitman, art/adaptation by Tara Seibel ; Walt Whitman, art/adaptation by Dave Morice ; Fitz Hugh Ludlow, art/adaptation by John Pierard ; Charles Darwin, adaptation by Michael Keller, art by Nicolle Rager Fuller ; Frederick Douglass, art/adaptation by Seth Tobocman ; Victor Hugo, art/adaptation by Tara Seibel ; Emily Dickinson, art/adaptation by Dame Darcy ; Emily Dickinson, art/adaptation by Diana Evans ; Gustave Flaubert, art/adaptation by Corinne Mucha ; Lewis Carroll, art/adaptation by Dame Darcy ; Lewis Carroll, art/adaptation by Eran Cantrell ; illustrations by Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Bill Carman, John Coulhart, Kim Deitch, Andrea Femerstrand, Molly Kiely, Peter Kuper, May Ann Licudine, Olga Lopata, John Ottinger, Christopher Panzner, Natalie Shau, David W. Tripp, Emerson Tung, and Raphaëlle Vimont ; Fyodor Dostoevsky, art/adaptation by Kako ; Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, art/adaptation by Molly Kiely ; Arthur Rimbaud, art/adaptation by Julian Peters ; George Eliot, art/adaptation by Megan Kelso ; Lewis Carroll, art/adaptation by Mahendra Singh ; Leo Tolstoy, art/adaptation by Ellen Lindner ; Mark Twain, art/adaptation by J. Ben Moss ; Friedrich Nietzsche, adaptation by Laurence Gane, art by Piero ; Robert Louis Stevenson, adaptation by Danusia Schejbal, art by Andrzej Klimowski ; Ambrose Bierce, art/adaptation by Sandy Jimenez ; Oscar Wilde, art/adaptation by John Coulthart ; comic strips by Lisa Brown ; Jordyn Ostroff --

Joseph Conrad, illustrations by Matt Kish ; Kate Chopin, art/adaptation by Rebecca Migdal ; Sigmund Freud, art/adaptation by Tara Seibel ; L. Frank Baum, photo-dioramas by Graham Rawle ; H.G. Wells, art/adaptation by Cole Johnson ; Saki, art/adaptation by Sonia Leong ; Maxim Gorky, art/adaptation by Stephanie McMillan ; Rudyard Kipling, art/adaptation by Frank Hansen ; Jack London, art/adaptation by John Pierard ; James Joyce, art/adaptation by Annie Mok ; Franz Kafka, art/adaptation by R. Sikoryak ; Virginia Woolf, art/adaptation by Caroline Picard ; T.S. Eliot, art/adaptation by Anthony Ventura ; D.H. Lawrence, art/adaptation by Bishakh Som ; H.D., art/adaptation by Bishakh Som ; Ernest Hemingway, art/adaptation by Dan Duncan ; Kahlil Gibran, art/adaptation by Matt Wiegle ; Sherwood Anderson, art/adaptation by Ted Rall ; W.B. Yeats, art/adaptation by Lauren Weinstein ; Colette, illustration by Molly Crabapple ; Edith Wharton, art/adaptation by C. Frakes ; Wilfred Owen, adaptation by Jason Cobley, line work by John Blake, coloring by Michael Reid, lettering by Greg Powell ; W.B. Yeats, art/adaptation by Anthony Ventura ; Edna St. Vincent Millay, art/adaptations by Joy Kolitsky ; Franz Kafka, art/adaptations by Peter Kuper ; Langston Hughes, art/adaptation by Jenny Tondera ; W. Somerset Maugham, art/adaptation by Lance Tooks ; James Joyce, art/adaptation by Robert Berry with Josh Levitas ; James Joyce, art/adaptation by David Lasky ; Ernest Hemingway, art/adaptation by Steve Rolston ; Wallace Stevens, art/adaptation by Anthony Ventura ; William Faulkner, art/adaptation by Kate Glasheen ; Hermann Hesse, art/adaptation by J. Ben Moss ; T.S. Eliot, art/adaptation by Chandra Free ; F. Scott Fitzgerald, illustrations by Tara Seibel ; Hermann Hesse, illustrations by John Pierard ; D.H. Lawrence, art/adaptation by Lisa Brown ; William Faulkner, art/adaptation by Robert Goodin ; Rainer Maria Rilke, design by James Uhler ; Dashiell Hammett, art/adaptation by T. Edward Bak ; Aldous Huxley, illustrations by Carly Schmitt ; Zora Neale Hurston, art/adaptation by Milton Knight ; Black Elk and John G. Neihardt, illustrations by Molly Kiely ; Lewis Allan, art/adaptation by John Linton Roberston ; Jean-Paul Sartre, art/adaptation by Robert Crumb ; John Steinbeck, art/adaptation by Liesbeth De Stercke ; Jorge Luis Borges, illustrations by Kathryn Siveyer ; Albert Camus, adaptation by Juan Carlos Kreimer, art by Julian Aron, translation by Dan Simon ; George Orwell, photo-dioramas by Laura Plansker ; Flannery O'Connor, art/adaptation by Jeremy Eaton ; George Orwell, illustration by Lesley Barnes ; Nelson Algren, art/adaptation by Jeremy Eaton ; Thomas Pynchon, art/adaptation by Brendan Leach ; Samuel Beckett, illustration by Gustavo Rinaldi ; William Golding, art/adaptation by Trevor Alixopulos ; Aldous Huxley, illustrations by John Pierard ; Vladimir Nabokov, art/adaptation by Sally Madden ; art and design by Tara Seibel ; Jack Kerouac, illustration by Yeji Yun ; William S. Burroughs, art/adaptation by Emelie Östergren ; Ken Kesey, art/adaptation by PMurphy ; Sylvia Plath, illustration by Ellen Lindner ; Hubert Selby, Jr., art/adaptation by Juliacks ; Anaïs Nin, art/adaptation by Mardou ; Mikhail Bulgakov, art/adaptation by Andrzej Klimowski and Danusia Schejbal ; Gabriel García Marquez, illustrations by Yien Yip ; Richard Brautigan, illustration by Juliacks ; Thomas Pynchon, illustrations by Zak Smith ; J.G. Ballard, art/adaptation by Onsmith ; Donald Barthelme, illustration by Andrice Arp ; Raymond Carver, illustrations by Annie Mok ; Kathy Acker, art/adaptation by Molly Kiely ; Cormac McCarthy, illustrations by Dame Darcy ; Umberto Eco, art/adaptation by Julia Gfrörer ; Barry Gifford, art/adaptation by Rick Trembles ; Ben Okri, art/adaptation by Aidan Koch ; Alan Lightman, art/adaptation by Rey Ortega ; Haruki Murakami, illustration by Rey Ortega ; David Foster Wallace, illustrations by Benjamin Birdie

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Additional Credits:
Kick, Russell.

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