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Posted by jfreier on 07/20/07
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Mick Stranahan a retired Florida State investigator wants to know why people are trying to kill him. The book set in sunny and corrupted South Florida is a fast paced and hilarious satirical mystery. The group of misfit bad guys include a Mafia connected plastic surgeon, one of Mick's five ex-wives, a 6'9 inept hit man with a truly horrible skin condition, a Geraldo Rivera like reality show host and assorted crazies. A fun fast paced summer read.
Posted by jfreier on 06/28/07
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Detective Jim Chee and Sgt. Joe Leaphorn are back in this atmospheric mystery in the Navajo Tribal area in the great southwest. Jim Chee gets involved with the murder of Nez, another Tribal officer and finds the apparent culprit. old Medicine man , Ashie Pinto. Ashie is drunk, has the murder weapon and confesses, but how did an old man walk 200 miles from home at night with no motive be responsible for this act. Chee, Leaphorn, and Chee's old flame Janet Pate get together to solve this colorful story, involving C.I.A, the search for Butch Cassidy's remains and a missing Professor. A good summer read, and as always Hillerman's description of Navajo Culture and the Southwest are alone reason enough to read this book.
Posted by jfreier on 05/16/07
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A fast paced thriller with interesting protagonist Mike Burke and bad guy Jack Wilson involving Wilson's quest to destroy society with an electromagnetic pulse wave, he uses a real technology founded by Nikola Tesla. The book has Native American shamans, hence the title Ghost Dancer, quantum physics, F.B.I,and great settings from London to Istanbul to Las Vegas. A fun, satisfying read.
Posted by jfreier on 04/06/07
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A beautifully written memoir by the fine novelist Robert Stone. The recollections of a fascinating life and an equally insightful look at the sixties through his varied experiences. He starts with his leaving the Navy and his encounters with Ken Kesey, Jack Kerouac, Alan Ginsberg and many others, it also describes his many travels and his family. An extremely entertaining and well written memoir.
Posted by jfreier on 03/20/07
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A very funny and informative tale of the author and his friend Katz and their attempt to hike the Appalachian Trail. The book describes their encounters with the many oddball characters, and their joys and troubles that occcur. There is also a good history of the trail and the environmental issues that face it.

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