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Posted by jfreier on 11/16/09
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Harry Pappas head of the "Persia Desk" at the C.I.A is surprised to receive an E-mail from an Iranian scientist indicating he would like to share info on Iran's nuclear program, this is the start of this tense spy thriller. The author is a mideast expert and columnist for the Washington Post so you get the feeling you are really getting the inside scoop. The tale leads Pappas to his counterpart in British Intelligence and has them racing against time to find the Iranian Dr. before the U.S administration attacks Iran. I think this book would appeal to readers of LeCarre and those who enjoy political thrillers that are not led by action and violence only.
Posted by jfreier on 10/07/09
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The story of the Becker and Vonn families set in Orange County starting in the mid 50's and culminating in 1968. The four Becker son's Nick the cop, Andy the reporter, David the Minister and Clay the star who is killed in Vietnam in 1966, the Vonn's a poor family from Oklahoma with two violent and surly boy's and two ptretty girl's ,the two families lives entertwine throughout this novel in violent and loving ways, including murder. The plot is multi layered and revolves around the murder of young Janelle Vonn,through the eyes of Andy Becker we meet Nixon, Leary, and Charlie Manson as he lives through 1968 in Southern California while trying to solve Janelle's mrder. I enjoyed the writing and intricate plot and the author's description of 60's CaLifornia was spot on.
Posted by jfreier on 09/01/09
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I read this new book only because I was, and to some extent still am, a Rolling Stones fan. If you liked the movie Almost Famous you might enjoy this book. The author was a huge Stones fan growing up in Brooklyn in the disco 80's, he started a Fanzine called Beggars Banquet and at seventeen managed to track down Ron Wood and give him a copy. The Stones were living in New York in the 8o's and the this 17 year old kid managed to become a marginal part of the inner circle. The book has a lot of behind the scene tales of the band's relationships and was quite heady stuff for a kid. I enjoyed the book but it came at a time when the Stone's were going corporate and the bad boy partying except for Wood and Richards were over.
Posted by jfreier on 08/05/09
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This is the newest in the Myron Bolitar series. The sports agent gets a frantic call from a former lover who he hasn't seen in eight years, she needs him to come to Paris to help her find her ex-husband. Myron obliges and learns there is a lot she hasn't told him, when her ex shows up dead Myron try's to find the killer. The search leads to Myron and Therese being chased and getting invoved with French Police, Interpol, Mossad and terrorists, it's fast paced and has great locales in both Paris and London. A fun , fast, page turner
Posted by jfreier on 07/08/09
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This is a food-travel book by the host of the Travel show No Reservations. The author takes us on a world tour in search of the perfect meal,from poisonous Fugu fish in Tokyo to live Cobra heart in Saigon to sothern France where 40 years ago he had his first oyster. This book is funny, he writes like Hunter S. Thompson, and would be enjoyed by travel and foodie fans alike. I also would reccomend Kitchen Confidential by the same author.
Posted by jfreier on 06/15/09
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This is the fourth book in the "Elvis Cole" series by this author that I've read and they just keep getting better. The story is a complex one involving the murder of  a former girlfriend of Cole's partner Joe Pike, it leads to a series of five other murders and the framing of Pike. The plot is complicated involving police coverups and old grudges, yet we learn more about Pike and Cole's past. The fleshing out of these two let's you understand why they do what they do and how they got to their present places in life. I loved this book and am looking forward to more.
Posted by jfreier on 05/15/09
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 I picked this book up on the reccomendation by a friend, and I'm glad I did. The story features L.A private eye Elvis Cole and his enigmatic and very tough partner Joe Pike. Joe is hired to bodyguard a young Hollywood party girl by her father, as she witnessed an accident, and is being targeted by unknown hitmen. The two go to great lenghts to keep her safe and and ultimately find out who is trying to kill her and why? There are lots of twists and turns and the two Private Detectives are great characters. I'm looking forward to reading more from this author
Posted by jfreier on 04/14/09
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This is the latest novel featuring Temperance Brennan, the forensic anthropologist for Mecklenburg county in North Carolina. Temperance is called in when a plumber finds a human skull while working on an abandoned house. Temperance using her considerable knowledge helps the police in tying this skull to another set of bones found nearby. The story evolves into connections with Wiccans, a popular preacher with political ambitions and corruption. The author who is a Forensic Anthropologist adds very detailed science while also adding a multi layered main character, a good mystery and well written, Temperance is also the inspiration for the T.V. series Bones.
Posted by jfreier on 03/17/09
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This is the author's debut novel and it's a good one, it won the Edgar Award for debut mystery. It's the tale of John Wells, the first C.I.A agent to infiltrate Al-Qaeda. Wells has become a Mujahadeen in Afghanistan and has converted to Islam, after leading his fighters for four years he is summoned by Ayman al Zawahiri, Al-Qaeda second in command to return to America and await orders for his operation. In Washington D.C. Jennifer Exley, and Ellis Shafer who are Well's superiors await to hear from him, he has been out of contact for several years and they don't know if he' turned. The story that follows involves Well's winning back the trust of the C.I.A, and being able to stop the massive terror attack planned for America. This book is well written and a lot of fun to read, the author has written two more books featuring John Wells.
Posted by jfreier on 02/16/09
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The Rise of Lubchenko is a sequel to Finding Lubchenko,the author fills in the blanks in the opening of this book,so it's o.k to read them out of order. The protagonist, Evan Macalister, is  a 16 year old only child of a wealthy owner of a biological company, his mother died when he was 10, and his relationship with his father is strained at best. Evan's father makes a mysterious and sudden trip to Brussels leaving Evan alone,Evan gets an anonymous call saying his father's partner plans to sell smallpox virus to terrorists in Europe. Evan and his best friend Ruben and girlfriend Erika ,all wealthy young kids zip off to Paris to find their soldier of fortune friend Lubchenko. The following adventure is funny, and fast paced, Evan and his friends are a mix of Ferris Bueller and Jack Bauer, it would make a great movie.
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