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Posted by jfreier on 02/09/11
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When Joe Pickett's oldest daughter Sheridan gets a message saying "tell Sheridan April called" Joe is shaken to his core. April was his adopted daughter who was killed in a massacre six years earlier in the book "Winterkill", or was she? Joe with the help of his daughter, F.B.I agent Coons and an old friend and fugitive Nate Romanowski set out to find out if April still lives. The case is fueled by cryptic texts from April who is heading west from Chicago in the company of mobster "Stenko" and his loony son Robert. This is a fun ride featuring great characters and western settings, looking forward to reading more by C.J.Box.
Posted by jfreier on 01/10/11
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This is my first Stuart Woods novel and his fourth Ed Eagle novel. Ed is just settling in with his new wife Susannah when he gets word that his vicious ex wife Barbara has escaped from a Mexican prison and is on her way to Santa Fe with vengeance on her mind. Ed is also busy trying to clear Tip Hanks a golf pro from the murder of his wife and there are several other story lines interwoven with characters from previous novels.
I really enjoyed his writing style, good characters and his description of Santa Fe which is a town I know and love.
Posted by jfreier on 12/15/10
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I finally read the much ballyhooed autobiography of my favorite member of my favorite band. I wasn't disappointed, there are the expected lurid party stories and groupies and drugs, but what comes through most is Richards love of music. I enjoyed his love of the Chicago blues legends and his awe when he first met and then played with his heroes. I found Richards very funny, honest, and dare I say a bit normal.
Posted by jfreier on 11/12/10
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This is a good nonfiction book for those readers who generally don’t read non fiction. The author spins an exciting tale about Tsunamis, rogue waves , freak waves some exceeding 100 feet that seemingly come out of nowhere. The effects of global warming are touched upon but not in a biased or political manner.
The best parts of the book are the exploits of a band of big wave surfers led by Laird Hamilton and how they follow the weather that creates these monsters across the globe. I found this book exciting, fun and well written.
Posted by jfreier on 10/12/10
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The latest entry in the popular Cork O' Connor series has Cork investigating the discovery of fives bodies found in the abandoned Vermillion drift mine. The closed mine is being considered to be used as a site for nuclear waste site causing an uproar with the local "Ojibwe" as well as the local miners. The real mystery begins with the discovery of the five bodies, four are native americans who vanished in the 70's and one is the daughter of a wealthy mine owner who vanished one week ago. Cork also is amazed to learn they were all killed with the same handgun, which turns out to be his late Father's gun which Cork owns but has disappeared. It sounds a tad confusing but it ties up neatly in another well written mystery by Mr. Krueger.
Posted by jfreier on 09/25/10
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If you liked Kitchen Confidential or No Reservations , or if you are a a foodie this book is a book for you.  Bourdain gives an inside look at the food world in general, including celeberity chefs, bloggers, critics and himself. I enjoyed his take on his own celeberity and the phenomona of the "Celeberity Chef" which causes him some soul searching. There is hilarious chapter ripping food critic"Alan Richman", and a surreal encounter with the Food Channels' Sandra Lee, who he thinks is evil incarnate. All in all a funny and entertaining book for his fans' and food junkies.
Posted by jfreier on 08/27/10
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I was browsing in new fiction and the title and cover lead me to pick up this mystery. This is the fourth in a series featuring a Royal Thai detective in Bangkok named Sonchai. The story starts around a grisly murder of an American movie director in the sex trade part of Bangkok. The story is a witches' brew of graphic violence, Thai sex, Tantric sex and Buddhist sensibilities. The characters include a beautiful Tantric Yogin, a deranged Tibetan Lama and a drug dealing general and a corrupt police chief. I found the book very refreshing and a mystery unlike any I've read, I will now start his series and read them in order.
Posted by jfreier on 07/07/10
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[This is the author's third novel and the first I've read and will be reading his first two soon.
The city of Chicago is the target of seemingly random murders by a sniper at various C.T.A  locations. Michael Kelly an ex Chicago cop and now P.I is on the seen of the first murder and as the killings continue the serial killer makes it clear that Kelly is personally connected to the killer.
The plot includes and F.B.I agent who seeks Kelly's help and the main event is based on an actual C.T.A crash from 1977. The story is fast, good characters and great descriptions of Chicago
Posted by jfreier on 06/01/10
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In a sweltering Oslo heatwave inspector Harry Hole is called in to investigate a murder of a young girl found with a red diamond star under one eyelid. Harry is down and out and drinking hard after falling off the wagon and ruining another relationship. Th case turns when a girl is reported missing and the police receive her finger with another diamond star attached. Harry struggles with his personal state and with a co-worker out to get him. The search for a serial killer and the personal vendetta coalesce and in this well written story there are some great twist and turns. This is my first Jo Nesbo mystery and I loved it .
Posted by jfreier on 05/17/10
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In 1925 Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett,the last of the great Victorian explorers ventured into the Amazon looking for El Dorado or as he called it the Lost City of Z, he never returned.
David Grann a staff writer for the New Yorker does a great job in trying to recreate Fawcett's trip and also to find out what his fate was.
This book is part biography, travel adventure and detective story, riveting and well researched, a must for travel buffs.

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