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Posted by crossin on 10/01/13
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October is my favorite month—the chilly weather, crunchy leaves and houses pimped out for Halloween just make me happy. It also puts me in the mood to snuggle in and watch a good horror flick. I’m not talking about one of the slasher films that seem to dominate theaters these days, but a movie that plays with your mind and creeps you out so much that you need to turn the lights on, like Rosemary’s Baby or Wait Until Dark.
Earlier this year, the folks at Entertainment Weekly posted a list of what they consider the twenty scariest movies of all time. It’s nice to see some of my favorites on it.
Posted by crossin on 09/03/13
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If you enjoy spiritually inspirational and uplifting movies, you may enjoy our Spiritual Cinema Circle DVDs. This series includes a mixture of independent dramatic films, documentaries and shorts that explore spirit, morality and compassion. Many of the titles won awards at film festivals, but few were theatrically released. Some films featured include Shuffle, starring T.J. Thyne as a man who begins experiencing his life out of order; Happy, which combines real life stories from people around the world with insight from scientists about what really makes us happy; and Head Over Heels, an Academy Award-nominated animated short, about repairing a failing marriage. The library has a monthly subscription to this film series.
Posted by crossin on 08/05/13
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Looking for some great movies to watch during the dog days of summer?  Why not heed the advice of a renowned film critic?  Every year, from 1967 to 2012, Roger Ebert picked his favorite movie.  Here are his picks--come in and check one out.
Posted by crossin on 05/29/13
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I've been selecting movies for libraries for a good part of my life. I've seen video formats come and go, and sometimes cringe a bit when new technology is introduced (does anyone out there still use Laserdiscs?). Back when Blu-ray and HD-DVD were battling for the market share, I didn't think either one would last more than a year or two - who would buy into these when downloadable media was poised to take over? Clearly, I was wrong. In the past two years, Blu-ray checkouts at AHML have nearly tripled. There are still some library users who ask if a Blu-ray will play in their regular DVD player, but clearly many have adopted high-def.
The latest and greatest, 3-D Blu-rays, hit the market a few years ago, and library users immediately started asking when AHML would be getting them. Back then, there were only a handful of 3-D Blu-rays available; even today very few films are released on 3-D Blu-ray. Even so, AHML currently has more than 60 movies available on 3-D Blu-ray. If you haven't upgraded to 3-D, no worries, these also include a standard Blu-ray.
Posted by crossin on 04/25/13
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Are you an indie or foreign cinema fan? If so, you’ll probably enjoy the library’s collection of DVDs from Film Movement. For the last decade, Film Movement has been distributing award-winning independent and foreign films, including winners from top film festivals around the world. Recent releases include Clandestine Childhood, The Dynamiter and The Day I Saw Your Heart.
Posted by crossin on 03/28/13
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It’s rather exciting that the most recent “Biggest Loser,” Danni Allen, is from our neck of the woods. I was rooting for her from the beginning and was so inspired by her attitude and perseverance, especially after all of her teammates were eliminated. Danni’s trainer was Jillian Michaels, who has been called America’s toughest trainer—if you watch the show, you know why. The library has many of Jillian’s workouts on DVD. With summer (hopefully) on its way, you may want to check one out before you hit the pool.
Posted by crossin on 03/04/13
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If you are a film buff, or a film buff wannabe, you might enjoy the latest releases from Criterion. The Criterion Collection, a continuing series of important classic and contemporary films, is dedicated to gathering the greatest films from around the world and publishing them in editions that offer the highest technical quality and award-winning, original supplements. Each film is presented uncut, in its original aspect ratio, as its maker intended it to be seen.
The library purchases DVDs of all titles in the Criterion Collection. Films being released this month include Terrence Malick’s Badlands and Fritz Lang’s Ministry of Fear.
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