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by Ree Drummond

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Posted by Pam I am on 02/03/11

This book is part memoir, part romance novel.  Ree Drummond was just passing through her hometown in Oklahoma on her way to Chicago when she met a Marlboro Man-type character across the room of a smoky bar.  He was a  tall, strong, mysterious, cowboy.    Black Heels To Tractor Wheels chronicles how Ree went from city girl  to falling in love with this country boy.  She is now an Oklahoma ranch wife raising four children with the love of her life.  Black Heels To Tractor Wheels is romantic, funny and heartfelt!  And, it might even make you swoon!!
by Kyra Davis

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Posted by Pam I am on 01/28/11

This is the fifth book in this Mystery "Chick Lit" series.  Amateur sleuth Sophie Katz finds herself in the middle  of the investigation on the attempted murder of  her best friend.  There is no shortage of unusual suspects or unusual cast if characters.  This book is part comedy, part mystery. 
by Gerry Bartlett

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Posted by Pam I am on 01/25/11

This is the 6th book in the Glory St. Clair series.  Glory is a sharp, sexy, witty, character who happens to also be a vampire.  If you want a fun paranormal vampire romance series this is it! 
by Wendy Holden

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Posted by Pam I am on 01/18/11

If you enjoy the glamor and glitz of the Hollywood award season then you might like this fun and witty book.  This is chick lit with a Hollywood setting.    Booklist says, "it's  the literary equivalent of a big-budget romantic comedy with an all-star Hollywood cast in which everyone’s stories overlap."  So, if you feel like curling up with a good rom-com this award season, this book might be a hit!
by Beth Kendrick

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Posted by Pam I am on 01/13/11

This is a novel about a group of girl friends from college who are stuck in dead-end careers.  One of them dies, and leaves an inheritance for each remaining friend to pursue her dreams and start over.  They each get the chance to begin anew only if they seek the dreams they mentioned would make them happy.  What an interesting plot huh?  What would you do if you got a second time around?
by Matt Dunn

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Posted by Pam I am on 01/05/11

For a new twist, try this Chick Lit written by a man! 

After ten years, Jane's had enough of Edward Middleton. "You've let yourself go," she tells him. "So I'm letting you go too."  Determined to get her back, Edward realizes he must learn how to make women want him again.  He goes about changing his life to get Jane back.  This book reads like Bridget Jones Diary for men.  It is light, funny, and entertaining! 

by Kim Edwards

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Posted by Pam I am on 12/30/10

Kim Edwards, the author of the wildly successful Memory Keepers Daughter has come out with her new novel The Lake of Dreams.  This novel is a contemporary story set in picturesque area of upstate New York.
by Beth Harbison

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Posted by Pam I am on 12/29/10

 Thin Rich and Pretty is the story of three women who believe that happiness is the next dress size down, the next dollar figure up, or the next appreciative glance from a stranger.  Holly will do anything to be thin. Lexi will do anything to be rich.  And Nicola will do anything to be pretty.   Thin Rich and Pretty is also the story of how three women save each other and find a path to true happiness.
by Lauren Weisberger

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Posted by Pam I am on 12/28/10

Fans of The Devil Wears Prada will want to read the latest release by best selling author Weisberger.  In Last Night At Chateau Marmont , Brook and Julian have been happily married for five years while she works two jobs to make ends meet while he follows his dreams to make it in the music world.  Suddenly, Julian  makes it big and their marriage becomes gossip in the tabloids.   Is the newfound fame fun?  Can they survive?
by Giulia Melucci

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Posted by Pam I am on 12/22/10

The website Chick Lit is not Dead has crowned Giulia Melucci the new "it" girl of chick lit.  They proclaim, "You’ll love Giulia’s hilarious commentary and your mouth will water as she prepares each recipe. (She even includes them for you to try yourself!)  Fun and heartwarming, we think y’all will enjoy this delicious memoir."
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