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by David Nicholls

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Posted by Pam S on 11/04/11

Question of Attraction is the first novel by David Nicholls, author of One Day (which was recently made into a movie.)  This debut novel is a coming of age story for college freshman Brian Jackson.  The book takes place in the mid 1980's at a university in England and Brian has one ambition and that is to get a spot on the school team to compete in the BBC quiz show "University Challenge".  Brian spends his first year at college bumbling through classes, trying to impress a special girl, and generally learning to grow up.  This is a humorous and touching book and left me rooting for Brian.
by Jennifer Close

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Posted by Pam S on 10/18/11

Girls In White Dresses follows a tight group of friends as they enter the "real" world post college.  Together they navigate first jobs, dating, disastrous dating, vacations, engagements and even walking down the aisle.  This debut novel is being compared to the 1999 best-seller The Girls Guide To Hunting and Fishing
by Ann Brashares

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Posted by Pam S on 10/11/11

You may remember the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series by Ann Brashares, which follows four friends as they navigate their teenage years.  Now, Sisterhood Everlasting catches up with these four women ten years later.  What has become of them as adults?  As expected there are ups, downs, triumphs, and sorrows.
by Rain Mitchell

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Posted by Pam S on 10/04/11

Lee runs a yoga studio in the town of Silver Lake.  It is here that four women come together to gain control of their bodies and practice yoga, but also to gain control of their lives.  Each woman has a different story, but together all of these women, Lee included learn about being connected and facing life together.
by Scott Gummer

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Posted by Pam S on 09/22/11

Parents Behaving Badly is a shrewd, satirical look at youth sports.  Ben and Jili Holden  move back to their California hometown from Manhattan and Ben reluctantly agrees to coach his son's baseball team.  The Holden's face the challenges many parents face with juggling sports, school events, driving kids here and there, and their own marriage.  This book is a witty, laugh out loud look at handling life and raising kids in today's hectic world.
by Stefanie Wilder-Taylor

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Posted by Pam S on 09/16/11

Stefanie Wilder-Taylor is a former stand-up comic, and I'm Kind of A Big Deal: and Other Delusions of Adequacy highlights her biting humor and self depreciating wit.  This memoir is more a series of stand-alone tell-all essays.  If you want a light, humorous, quick read then this is a great choice for you.
Tags:  memoir
by Allison Pearson

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Posted by Pam S on 09/14/11

If you are heading to the movie theater to see I Don't Know How She Does It starring Sarah Jessica Parker, why not read the book too?  Allison Pearson's debut novel is a witty look into the world of trying to juggle work and family in the 21st century.
by Sarah Pekkanen

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Posted by Pam S on 09/11/11

What happens when everything you thought your marriage was is turned upside down?  That is what Julia faces in Skipping a Beat.  Julia and Michael were high school sweethearts who married and had a seemingly  model marriage . . .success, money, big house, and all.  But, the couple has drifted apart.   Then, Michael has a brush with death and this changes everything he values.  Money and material things are suddenly unimportant.  This book explores the concept of love versus money and figuring out what matters.
by J. Courtney Sullivan

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Posted by Pam S on 08/31/11

Maine takes the reader into the dysfunctional Kelleher family in all its glory.  Maine is told from various perspectives:  Alice, the 83 year old matriarch of the family;  Maggie, Alice's granddaughter; Kathleen, Alice's estranged daughter;  and Anne Marie, Alice's uptight daughter-in-law. It is through these four women that we see the struggles and triumphs of the Kelleher family.  These women all come together at the summer cottage in Maine during the month of July and they each bring their "baggage" so to speak.  Alice is haunted by a tragedy that happened in 1942  and has always seemed to struggle with the path her life has taken.  Maggie comes to Maine single and pregnant.  She is a writer living in Brooklyn and has just broken up with her boyfriend, who she thought she may have loved.  Kathleen, Maggie's mother comes to Maine when she learns of Maggie's pregnancy although she vowed never to see her own mother, Alice, years ago.  And Anne Marie has crafted a life that seems perfect on the outside, but just below the surface she is struggling to figure out her life and marriage.  As each chapter switches narrator, you are drawn to their own individual stories and the characters are rich, funny, mean and much more. 
Tags:  Fiction
by David Nicholls

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Posted by Pam S on 08/22/11

Don't miss the movie of David Nicholl's best-seller One Day.  The movie stars Anne Hathaway as Emma  and Jim Sturgess as Dexter.  For a staff review of this 2009 novel follow this link:
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