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Imaginary Cities by Chris Potter Underground Orchestra

Posted by bpardue on 03/04/15

Jazz saxophonist Chris Potter leads a large chamber jazz ensemble in this thrilling new set of songs, the centerpiece of which is the four-part "Imaginary Cities" suite. Potter's compositions move seamlessly between moods, from muscular to brooding to exultant, and the ensemble playing is magnificent. There are hints of 20th century...
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In the Stacks: Family Films

Posted by crossin on 03/03/15

With the winter dragging on, you and your children may be going a little stir crazy. Why not celebrate the cold? Use the weather as a great excuse to have a family movie marathon! Pick up a few DVDs from the library, put on your jammies, pop some corn and snuggle in for the day. To help you out, the folks at TimeOut recently shared their...
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Posted by Ultra Violet on 02/17/15

One hundred thousand years ago, at least six distinct human species coexisted on this planet. So why has Homo sapiens come to be the sole heir of our biological heritage?
Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind is an amazing undertaking, covering the entire history of humans on...
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