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Staff Choices

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Severance Package

Posted by jfreier on 12/18/14

Jamie DeBroux is heading to a special saturday morning meeting at his office but it turns out not what he expected. Jamie's boss has informed his staff of six that they have been working for a covert government agency and they are being shut down.
He tells his employees they have two choices drink poisoned mimosas and die quick and...
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Humans of New York

Posted by jmurrow on 12/17/14

When Brandon Stanton first began his project to take pictures of the various inhabitants of New York City, he thought that he might post some pictures on Facebook, maybe start a blog.  But what started as a weekend has become a New York Times best seller, and with good reason. ...
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The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden

Posted by Kelley M on 12/02/14

Can a story about a teenage latrine cleaner be entertaining enough to read 387 pages?  Absolutely.  Nombeko, the main character of The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden, is a self-educated girl from Soweto, who has the chance to save the king of Sweden...
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