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The Vanishing

Posted by bweiner on 04/23/14

Desperation can drive anyone to make disastrous decisions. In The Vanishing, by Wendy Webb, Julia Bishop has reached a crossroad in her life. Her husband Jeremy has cheated countless...
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Frog Music

Posted by jdunc on 04/23/14

From the critically acclaimed author Emma Donoghue comes the first novel since the best-selling book Room. Frog Music...
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Our Mathematical Universe

Posted by Ultra Violet on 04/22/14

If you hate math as much as I do, but have an interest in astronomy and physics, this is the book for you. Tagmark clearly explains his theories of a multiverse and how our physical reality is mathematical in nature, without being boring or overly academic. The math is presented in a manner that enables you to see it in a whole...

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