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Posted by annetteb on 11/08/15
Do you have multiple photos and slides that you'd like to digitize? If so, consider using one of our studio spaces as you take on your next digitization project.
The batch scanner is an excellent tool that will allow you to scan multiple photos at once, rather than having to scan each one individually. Your scans can also be touched up nicely with the photo editing software installed on the Mac in Studio A.
Learn more about the studios by contacting the library or stopping by the Tech Help Desk.
Posted by annetteb on 11/08/15
If you've used the GoPro 3, you'll love the GoPro 4! This latest edition of the GoPro features a viewmaster, so that you'll be able to capture video from a unique perspective in the best possible way. 
The camera supports 2.7K30, 1080p, 1440p, Video, captures 12MP Photos at 30 fps and possesses an Ultra Wide Angle Glass Lens + SuperView. Additional features include Camera Housing Waterproof to 131' ; Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity ; Video and Photo Time-Lapse ; Protune Mode for Video and Photo ; One-Button Operation with QuikCapture ; Auto Low Light and Night Photo Modes. Flat and curved adhesive mounts are included.
For additional instruction, stop by the Tech Help Desk!
Posted by BARB W on 10/29/15
cover image
There is a good chance that we may all know someone with obsessive compulsive disorder, commonly known as OCD. A new book, The Man Who Couldn’t Stop: OCD and the True Story of a Life Lost in Thought peels back the layers of this often baffling disorder with honesty, careful research and abundant humor.

Author David Adam is intimately knowledgeable about OCD as he has experienced it for twenty years.  He weaves many narratives into this story about his personal obsessions and compulsions, and will win over readers with the candid retrospect of his experiences.

But it is more than just a journey into the complicated tangle of ideas in his head. Adam also details the psychological, social and scientific aspects and reveals the research and treatments that have been used and are currently used for sufferers of this condition. He also speaks to the historical struggle to classify OCD; there was often conflict over its origin as a behavioral or mental disorder.

Insightful and absorbing, this book will enlighten with its fresh perspective.
Posted by Uncle Will on 10/16/15
cover image
What if Santa Claus was the real deal? What if Santa was real, but just not quite the person you were led to believe he was? If this premise interests you, then this Finnish coal black comedy is just what you need to fill your holiday stocking. 
Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale is a film that was based on an award winning short film released in 2005 entitled: The Official Rare Exports Inc. Safety Instructions. That "shorty" is included in the DVD special features; however, please don't watch it until the film is over because it will be a spoiler. 
Newcomer actor, Onni Tommila, plays Pietari Kontio. Pietari lives with his father near the base of the Korvatunturi Mountains in Lapland. It is a rough life, but the two have each other, which makes up for any shortcomings. The plot is fairly simple. Once a year the countryside men hunt to kill and dress beasts to last them through the bitter winter months. What the hunters are not prepared for is a very different kind of beast.
This film is rated R and a bit too intense for younger viewers. However, if you are looking for a holiday film that is off-center, yet still entertaining, check this one out.  If you enjoy Onni Tommila's performance, you can catch him in his newest film which stars Samuel L. Jackson: Big Game.
Posted by Lucy S on 10/13/15
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Sasha Martin is a food blogger and author who set out to write about her ambitious project to cook a meal from every country in the world – 195 countries in 195 weeks, in alphabetical order by country, with a motto of bringing the world to your kitchen.  In order to write her book about this endeavor she confronted harsh realities of her upbringing to how she got to this place in her life where she could succeed.
When author Sasha Martin was a little girl she lived in a small apartment in Boston with her mother and brother, Michael. Their father was not a part of their lives. Her mother’s creativity in the kitchen kept Sasha from knowing just how poor they were and instilled a love of cooking. Unfortunate events lead to the children going back and forth from their mother to a series of foster homes, each time a longer stay away. In the end, the legal system won out with guardianship granted to Patricia and Pierre; old friends of Sasha’s mother. Sasha was 10 and Michael was 12. Devastated to be separated from their mother, the children moved to Atlanta then Paris. Their mother stepped further away in a misguided attempt to have them bond with a new family. Two years later, something tragic happened to Michael, who suffered more than he could ever say. No one is the same again with a deeper divide opened between Sasha and her guardians.
Sasha returned to the United States to attend college and reunited with her mother. Tentative at first, it was Sasha who reached out, their relationship grew. So much happened to this family and to the legal guardians, more lives could have been irretrievably crushed. Cooking and the simple act of eating turned out to be a way to nurture, connect and heal. Her website Global Table Adventure invites you to cook the world, eat global and shop local.
This story is inspiring to me, a painful past remade into a bright future.
Posted by bpardue on 10/01/15
cover image
Think of this 2008 book as kind of a "Freakonomics of Driving." Vanderbilt asks many questions about life on the road (Is it better to merge early for a lane reduction, or wait until just before your lane disappears? Do traffic signs make roads safer? Do we really drive as well as we think we do? Do trucks cause more accidents? What are the most dangerous vehicles on the road?) and considers them through from scientific, social and psychological aspects. An engaging read, which will have you reflecting on your own habits, as well. Written in 2008, it anticipates, but just misses some of the impact of the most modern technology on driving, such as the latest smart phones (he makes lots of references to Blackberries), but still worth reading today.
Posted by BARB W on 09/30/15
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The Water Knife, a thriller detailing a severe drought in the American Southwest, tersely cautions us of a possible bleak future without adequate hydration. Hugo and Nebula award winner Paolo Bacigalupi creates an authentic picture of the consequences to the people and the land, while painting an ugly portrait of the greed and corruption that develop in the wake of this drought.

This world is a brilliantly imagined, violent place, and we follow the lives of three people caught in the crossfire this drought produces. Angel Velasquez is a “water knife”, a sort of enforcer for the rich and powerful who define ownership of this precious commodity. Lucy is a cynical journalist and Maria is a dreamer who believes in better things, and together they become entangled in this drama. The people who have water have the power, and therefore the control, which they often use with reckless abandon.
The novel progresses like a well-paced action movie.The plot twists are unsettling and the characters are hovering on the cusp of good and evil. Science fiction writers have written about environmental concerns for many years, but as our world moves through time, we actually see the effects, and severe drought is a well-timed topic. Check out this thoughtful, engaging and meaningful read.
Posted by annetteb on 09/27/15
Are you looking to take that perfect selfie? Let the Selfie Stick help you out!
Capture memorable moments with ease by using our lightweight selfie stick, built to accomodate compact cameras and phones. Photograph group selfies, snap photos or take videos from above the crowd, or even get better sound if you use it in the style of a microphone boom.
Selfie Sticks are housed at the Tech Help Desk.
Happy snapping!
Posted by annetteb on 09/27/15
Are you looking to use our Studio Production space to record your latest song? If so, the iRig may be beneficial to your creative endeavors.
The iRig is a guitar interface adaptor for iOS devices. With the iRig, you can connect your electric guitar and bass to our studio equipment, as well as either the iPhone, iPod, or iPad. The iRig works with dozens of other guitar apps, and will help you produce quality recordings. Simply plug your intstrument into the iRig, then plug in headphones or an amplifier to the output, and record your song. 
If you would like to use the iRig during your studio session, please ask for it at the Tech Help Desk. 
We look forward to seeing you in the Studio!
Posted by Uncle Will on 09/16/15
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What would you do if you were suddenly taken back in time 200 years?
Such is the dilemma for Claire Randall, the main character in Diana Gabaldon's epic novel, Outlander, published in 1991 and recently adapted into a TV mini-series. Claire is a WWII nurse in England who reunites with her husband, post-war, for a second honeymoon in Scotland. While visiting a historic hilltop, Claire is mysteriously transported back to 1743, where she must worry for her life, find the secret to her journey into the past, and somehow overcome immense odds to return to her husband, who is determinedly searching for her in 1945.
This series is well-written, keeping true to Gabaldon's suspenseful plot.  The scenery is breathtaking and the soundtrack perfectly underscores the drama of the period. This series should be the first choice you make for date night with that someone who is special.  It has a little bit of everything:  action, romance, humor, history, and grown men in kilts! 
If you enjoy watching, make sure to place a hold on Outlander Season 1 / Volume 2.
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