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Robert Doubek co-founded the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund in April 1979, and served as the Fund’s Executive Director and Project Director until completing the memorial in mid-1983. In 2015 he published his memoir, Creating the Vietnam Veterans Memorial - The Inside Story, which tells the definitive story of the memorial’s creation amid Washington politics, a nationwide design competition and the heated controversy over the winning design and its creator. Presently, as an employee of the U.S. State Department, Bob travels worldwide to purchase land for construction of new U.S. embassy and consulate compounds.
Date and time: Saturday, November 4, 2–3:30 p.m.
Location: Hendrickson Room


The fun begins and ends with the circle! Celebrate the circle form with a variety of creative activities and crafts for everyone. Enjoy chalk and Spirograph art, a special storytime, a hula hoop contest, bubble artist Ben Jimenez and more.
Date and time: Sunday, October 22, 1–3 p.m.
Location:  Throughout the library
Schedule of Events:
1 p.m. Storytime – Lindsey Room
1:30 p.m. Hula Hoop Contest – Lindsey Room
2:30 p.m. Storytime – Lindsey Room
  • Bubble Artist Ben Jimenez - Marketplace
  • Spirograph Chalk Art – Outside on Dunton Avenue Sidewalk
  • Retro Circle Painting – Cardinal Room
  • Circle Punch Art Mosaics – Cardinal Room
  • Spirograph Flowers – Cardinal Room
  • Bubble Art Bookmarks – Cardinal Room
This program is part of One Book, One Village.

Adults, Family
Attention homeschool families! Visit the Hub for hands on activities and the chance to meet other homeschoolers. All ages are welcome. Hope to see you there!
Date and time: Monday, October 23, 1-3 p.m.
Location: The Hub
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LinkedIn has made some drastic changes to the look of your profile and changed many of the behind-the-scenes privacy and security settings. Join this session with speaker Bruce Bixler if you would like to know how to set up your profile to be found on LinkedIn.
Date and time: Monday, October 23, 7–8:30 p.m.
Location: Hendrickson Room

"We choose to live the way we do and participate the way we do," said Dave Eggers to an audience of more than 350 people who packed the Forest View Auditorium on Thursday evening October 12 to hear the award-winning writer, editor and philanthropist speak as he touched on topics like privacy, surveillance and free choice -- all central themes in his dystopian novel The Circle, the 2017 One Book, One Village (OBOV) selection.
In an interview-style program moderated by the library's Info Services Supervisor Pam Schwarting, Eggers settled in and talked about his artistic path, which began in the first grade in the Lake Forest public schools and continued with "an uninterrupted string of awesome teachers" who helped spark his interest in writing. A focus on painting followed in middle school and high school.
"I trained as an artist, every bone in my body thought I'd be a painter," Eggers said.
It was as a sophomore studying at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign that Eggers switched his focus from painting to journalism and his life as a writer took hold.
“I came of age with a desktop computer and learned to write on a Mac," Eggers said, then joked, "I'm inherently a slob so the desktop allowed me to revise, revise, revise.”
This process of writing, and re-writing, continues still today. Eggers, who describes himself as "an endless reviser," shared with the audience his typical work day. He writes in his home office in his converted garage where there is no phone or internet.
“It's taken me a long time to get settled and to remember where I am with what I'm writing," Eggers explained. "I have a chair, a wingback chair...I sit in that chair for eight hours to get 45 minutes done.”
This process has resulted in an extensive eclectic body of work. Eggers is the author of 10 books including fiction and nonfiction. His debut, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, was a New York Times bestselling memoir and a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2001. Other works include Zeitoun, Heroes of the Frontier, A Hologram for the King, a finalist for the 2012 National Book Award, and the international bestseller, The Circle
Eggers told the audience he took notes for about 10 years on situations involving individual's freedoms and privacy versus society's safety and right to know before writing The Circle.
"I do believe a human under surveillance is not free," Eggers said. He described the rise of social media and the increased use of measurements as "the new neediness." While reflecting about the choices his characters make in The Circle, Eggers described their situations as "51/49" since they deal with the ever-pressing struggle of finding ways for improving the world without stripping people of their rights.
Following the 60-minute onstage presentation, Eggers took questions from the audience, which highlighted some of his philanthropic work including 826 National, a network of tutoring centers around the country including one here in Wicker Park.

An Evening with Author Dave Eggers and his appearance in Arlington Heights came on the heels of Eggers receiving the prestigious Carl Sandburg Literary Award in Chicago on October 11. Reflecting on this honor, which is presented to a writer in recognition of the totality of his or her work, Eggers said, "I'm very humbled and happy that I can sit in my garage and write."



"I want to assure you that we are absolutely committed to free and equitable access to information, programs and services to everyone."
Mike Driskell, Acting Executive Director

Trusted resources recommended by our librarians
Legal information online and some free consultation
Illinois Legal Aid Online
Ayuda Legal
Immigrant Legal Resource Center
Know Your Rights
Available in multiple languages
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
Know Your Rights
Immigrants’ Rights – What to Do If You Are Stopped video:

Printable wallet card from the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
Where can I find the information that was going to be presented at the Workshop?
The website of the group that was scheduled to present the workshop can be found here http://www.calachicago.org/

Where can I find the meeting schedule of the Library Board of Trustees meetings?
The schedule for board meetings is posted here: http://www.ahml.info/about/information
What are the guidelines the Library uses to make programming decisions?
Arlington Heights Memorial Library Vision, Values and Priorities
Arlington Heights Memorial Library Code of Ethics Policy
American Library Association Library Bill of Rights
American Library Association Professional Ethics
FAQ regarding our Know Your Rights Workshop
What was the workshop Know Your Rights about?
It was an informational program for anyone who would like to learn more about immigration rights presented by the Community Activism Law Alliance. It was scheduled for Monday, September 25, at 7 p.m.
Why was the workshop cancelled?
The program was cancelled for the safety of workshop participants, customers and staff.
What led the library to believe that safety was an issue?
Library staff had multiple interactions with members of the public about the Workshop. Reference was made that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) would be called to be present at the program.

Our top priority is to ensure the safety of attendees at our programs. Given the direct and implied threats being made, we did not feel we could adequately ensure that safety, so we made the difficult decision to cancel the program for that reason.

Will the program be rescheduled?
We are talking about that right now. At this point, nothing has been rescheduled. We steadfastly remain committed to the principles outlined in our Vision, Values and Priorities and will continue to offer programs guided by them:  http://www.ahml.info/about/AHML
How can I give feedback about this program?
We would welcome hearing the views of the entire Arlington Heights community on this topic. Please use our online form which can be found here: http://www.ahml.info/contact
Updated October 6, 2017

What is it really like to work in technology? How does it compare to the world Mae experiences in The Circle? Hear from a wide variety of women working in this field as they discuss their own unique experiences and career paths. This program is part of One Book, One Village. No library card is required for this event.
Date and time: Tuesday, October 24, 7-8:30 p.m.
Location: Hendrickson Room

From Airbnb to Uber to eBay, the sharing economy is all around us. Join us as we explore the best services and apps and how to participate in peer-to-peer transactions safely.

Date and time: Monday, October 23, 7–8:30 p.m.
Location: Cardinal Room

To learn more about the construction project visit ahml.info/safety.

Inspired by Dave Eggers' The Circle, this interactive exhibit invites you to experience how social media influences us, individually and collectively. Imagine a utopian society of your own. Write, draw or doodle your ideas on iPads. Check out what others have shared for inspiration and explore related media.
October 1–November 5 / Marketplace
Drop in
Since opening on October 1, more than 250 responses have been shared in the library's #beinthecircleexhibit. Read below what people are saying and then stop by the Marketplace and add your own:
• In the Circle, “Sharing is caring.” What do you think? … If more people took this to heart, less people would have mental health issues.
• Social media stops me from… seeing positivity in most of the people as it shows negativity of the people most of the time 
• In my Utopia, technology would … rule the world 
• I connect with others by…engaging and listening
• Technology impacts our society by … letting us see the latest news, helping us see current events.
• I connect with others by … texting my friends
• In my Utopia, technology would … predict human needs before we know we had them without destroying us.
• [NOTE: This one doesn’t respond to the prompts, but it’s good to share] Social media stops me from … I HEART AHML 
• Technology impacts our society by … Trapping us into bubbles
• Social media creates… stress
• In the Circle, “Sharing is caring. What do you think? … It is the best to share don’t be greedy.
• Technology impacts our society by … affecting what we know and how we think about things.
• When I unplug, I feel … awesome. When I feel bored, and I don’t want to stare at a screen, I get outside!
• Social media helps me to … connect with other moms in the area
• Social media stops me from… doing HW
• When I unplug, I feel … free to explore my own being. My future visibility increases.
• Social media stops me from .. saying things that could hurt me later in life.
#beinthecircle is part of our One Book, One Village community read and this year's selected title, The Circle by Dave Eggers. Learn more about the book, author and related programs happening this fall at ahml.info/onebook.

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